Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas Kitties And Christmas Gnomes - Spellbinders Small Die of the Month and Maja Design

Christmas Kitties Meet the Christmas Gnome - Spellbinders Small Die of the Month 

I have three solid gray kitties full of energy and curiosity.  When I saw Spellbinders Small Die of the Month for December, I was giddy because I could make a card featuring my sweet "Grays".  That's what we call the cats.  

Spellbinders Small Die of the Month for December has year round potential.   

Small Die of the Month Membership

 The Paper

Fans of Maja Design papers from Sweden anxiously await the release of the Christmas collection each year.  This season's collection, called Traditional Christmas features the sweetest elves and may be my personal Maja Design favorite. 

True to it's name, the Traditional Christmas collection showcases all the rich reds and greens of the season with the traditional plaids, ginghams, polka dots and elves!  yep adorable elves.

 Here is the promotional collage of the collection with elf images that will steal your heart. 

The kitties are are sitting in the window watching and waiting for the visitor.  I'm sure they are all hoping the gift box is filled with toy mice, great tasty cat treats and some balls to roll.

This card has been embellished using Buttons Galore 3D Buttons - Christmas Presents  and Buttons Galore Sparkling Sentiments.  The Sparkling Sentiments are a new line of wooden sentiments all gussied up in festive glitter. 

Buttons Galore -Noel Sen105

My Three Grays
This is a photo from the Gray's first birthday.  Notice a theme?  Always looking out the window waiting for gifts?  Treats...toys...visitors.  That's daddy outside by the way looking to see who's observant.  

Note:  they are so identical we have a difficult time telling them apart.  Eddie Gray is a wee bit bigger but Macy and Frannie, bahhhhh - who knows!  Exact kitty duplicates.  

Happy Crafting. 
Thanks for stopping here today.  I appreciate your time. 
As always, the Spellbinders monthly club sets are exclusively available through the membership clubs.  

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  1. Love these! Especially the gnomes😄 thanks for sharing!

  2. How immensely sweet and precious. Your creations never fail to knock my socks (or, in this case Christmas stockings) right off, Jennifer.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life