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Best Friends - DIY Shadow Box Home Decor with Julie Nutting Doll Stamps

Best Friends - Carter and Carly Doll Stamps DIY Home Decor

Prima and Julie Nutting have a new set of doll stamps that melt my heart;
 Prima - Julie Nutting - Carter and Carly.  They are darling and look fabulous dressed in Maja Design's newest paper collection, "Miles Apart" .   

Today I am sharing a DIY shadow box home decor piece made with these delightful products.  If you scroll down, you'll see how I made the piece.   

Below is an image of the stamp set and Maja Design paper collection, with it's soft and delicate prints. 

I primarily used the "Miles Apart" 6x6 paper pad to "dress" the Julie Nutting paper dolls in my shadow box.  The background of the shadow box is the only 12x12 piece I used from the collection.  This sheet is call "A Phone Call".  

Simple DIY Instructions
Here are some simple instructions on how I made this sweet shadow box using the new Carter and Carly doll stamps from Prima and Julie Nutting

I stamp the dolls using a platform that enables me to stamp several times in case I need touch ups with ink.  I've stamped too many dolls without heads or limbs to not use a platform these days.  In terms of stamping, the  MISTI Stamp platform (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented)  is right up there as an essential invention breakthrough - like sliced bread.  

I also like stamping dolls using brown ink that has great pigmentation, dries quickly, and doesn't run when it gets wet.  Which is why I love Spellbinders / Fun Stampers Journey Dark Roast True Color Fusion Ink Pad.  
Hero Arts - MISTI - Original MISTI - Most Incredible Stamp Tool InventedDark Roast True Color Fusion Ink Pad
The wooden box is a decorative piece I bought from a big box store.  It had a great wood frame and was pretty sturdy so I grabbed it for re-purposing. 

First,  I wanted Carter's tire swing to actually move so I cut two layers to use as a sandwich. I glued two pieces of hemp string between the two layers. 

Next I stapled the string to the wooden box.  No worries because we will be covering and hiding the staples. 

Covering up the staples was super easy with ribbon wrapped around the box to decorate (but mostly to cover the staples).  A crafter's gotta be sneaky that way.  
Meet Carly.  She looks adorable in the Maja Design papers.  Plus the 6x6 prints are perfectly sized for the dolls.  

I cut two layers to make her more durable especially because I am going to be bending the doll at the waist so she can sit.  No need to color the second layer but I definitely inked the edges so they would blend nicely when glued together. 
I added some foam behind Carly's head and torso so she had a bit of dimension when glued to the wooden shadow box. 

Next I gave Carly and her doll a few sparkly finishing touches any sweet little paper would love.  The gem accents are Buttons Galore's new Princess Sparkle Doo Dadz. 

 Doo Dadz are a unique mixture of flat back diamond faceted gems combined with sparkling shimmery iridescent sprinkles.  You can see the entire Doo Dadz collection here. They are perfect to use as shaker mixes, project accents, and even paper doll accessories.  

Thank you Carly and dollie, for being our Doo Dadz accessories models today.   

Buttons Galore -Princess Sparkle Dd112

Next, Carter had to put his baseball mitt down so he could swing.  The mitt is a 3D button from Buttons Galore, Buttons Galore 3D Buttons - Baseball.  Of course Carter needed accessories as well, and how can you blame me?  The 3D baseball button set is perfectly sized for Carter ( or Carly).   
Buttons Galore -Baseball 4065?_pos=4&_sid=c7be18923&_ss=r

Thanks for stopping here today.  I appreciate your time. 

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