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Wood Love Shaker Decor - Table Centerpiece for Valentines Day - Tips

DIY Decorated Love Table Centerpiece Decor

I'm getting ready for Valentines Day by making a DIY shaker home decor piece to hang on my wall.  To be truthful, I was going to gift this to my friend, but I can't part with it.  Is that bad?  Don't judge me...haaaaaaaa.  We all fall in love with some pieces and can't part with them.  

This was also made for the monthly challenge at Creative Embellishments, with the theme of love.  Below is am image of the challenge board - provided to help inspire.

Each month there is a twist included in the challenge and this month, the twist was to add flowers to your project.  

I actually bought a pre-made wooden decor piece from Hobby Lobby  from the Valentine's Day collection, that was perfect to alter. Red and totally glitter coated, not quite the look I was striving to achieve but perfect for sanding and painting.  

The dimensions of this wood sign are: Length: 7/8",  Width: 12 1/2,  "Height: 3 7/8".

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The Process - Steps of  DIY Altering

When transforming something into a shaker, you need a few essentials; 
1. Shaker Mix - amazing shaker mix makes a difference. This decor piece has buttons, sequins and beads from 28 Lilac Lane - Embellishment Kit - Love Story .

2.  Acrylic to create the shaker window.
3.  Chipboard to hide the acrylic edges.  My chipboard is from Creative Embellishments -Doily Frame Set 2.

Shaker Mix
I selected shaker mix that was both beautiful and bold to make the shaker element stand out.  This is 28 Lilac Lane - Embellishment Kit - Love Story .  All the coordinated embellishments in one box.  I did add a bit of gold cording, lace and florals as well. 
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The Acrylic Window
I'm not really fussy about the acrylic I use however I do like free acrylic. I save clean clear acrylic from packaging whenever available.  For a decor piece that people will touch, pick up, and one that will last for years to come, I make sure to use thick acrylic for durability.  Steer clear away from flimsy film type acrylic.  

So go out and buy a package of something fun to snack on and use the acrylic for something crafty.  That's my best advice. 

TIPS for Glue : Use a good glue to secure the acrylic in place and hold.  I am not a fan of the hot glue gun and do not use one.   It's not durable and not reliable.  My favorite glue to use on any project and with any surface is 
Beacon Adhesives™ 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue - 4 Ounces.  This glue is great for wood, glass, plastic, metal, fabric, ceramic, leather, acrylic and just about anything your imagination can dream up.

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 Chipboard Decorative Finish 
After the acrylic window is on the piece, filled and sealed, I use chipboard to hide the edges of the acrylic and make the piece look pretty and finished.  

Chipboard is inexpensive and easy to manipulate, paint, cut and shape to fit onto your piece.  The piece I used was from
 Creative Embellishments -Doily Frame Set 2.  I selected this for a few reasons.  I have both sides of the "O" to finish and hide the edges.  I cut out a few of the scallops to make it fit.  

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Thanks for stopping here today.  Happy crafting. 

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Beacon Adhesives™ 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue - 4 Ounces


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