Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Bridal Button Bouquet - Vintage DIY Button Bouquet - Tips and Instructions

DIY Vintage Bridal Button Bouquet 

I had a special request to create an elegant vintage looking bridal button bouquet.  More specifically, the request was to make something soft, elegant, romantic and memorable.  
Challenge accepted!    

 My color palate: soft pinks, rose, gold, cream and white. 
 I scrolled through the multitude of button selections at Buttons Galore and More to find the perfect colors of buttons needed.  

Buttons, buttons, buttons (and sequins too) 
7.9" smooth Styrofoam half ball 
Wood dowel (for the handle)
Jewelry straight pins 
Floral Pins with pearl heads
Wire for securing buttons 
Drawer pull (gussy up the handle)
Ribbons/lace ( hides the mess)
and the secret to holding everything in place...Heavy Body Gel

The Base
Warning:  If you use a Styrofoam base, please make sure you add the wood dowel handle before you do anything else.  I drilled a hold in the Styrofoam and glued the dowel in place. 
 My first attempt at the bouquet threw caution to the wind and I had to start over.  

My floral bouquet has a homemade Styrofoam base with a wood dowel  handle because I know nothing about floral supplies.  My suggestion is to find the easiest base with Styrofoam for your comfort level.  

The process:  
Here are the Buttons Galore  buttons I used.  I think the Cookie Jar of Fancy Gold Buttons    set the tone for the bouquet. 

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

Buttons Galore -Cookie Jar - Fancy Gold Buttons CJ100

I spread out packages of buttons on the table and started creating  stacks of two or three buttons each, attached together with wire.  I'd cut the wire and string it through all three buttons and set aside busily making little piles. 

Then I realized...Christmas tree ornament hangers are wire, AND already cut for me.  What a bonus.   Easy to reshape and bend as desired, long enough to go into the styrofoam, and pre-cut. 
 YES - pre-cut.   
Ohhhhh my hands thank you, little pre-cut metal darlings.   

Worth a closer look...
The gold vintage style buttons from Buttons Galore's Cookie Jar full of Fancy Gold Buttons  - a gorgeous, rich collection of various gold buttons; some have jewels, some look vintage, some are shiny, a wonderful surprise in the jar.
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

Securing the buttons in place for durability 
The image above shows how tightly the buttons are placed creating  layers.  I left no bare spaces.  

This was a learning experience for me. After completing the bouquet and adding all the buttons, I realized the buttons were not super secure.  I was not confident that the layered buttons would not fall out. They also jiggled around  a bit when gently shaken.  

I tried adding glue to a few of the base layers but it wasn't a solution to the jiggling. I thought adding a straight pin with an  opalescent sequin would help because those pins are really long.    Nope. Not enough.   

What's the best way to keep the buttons securely in place?   
I slathered generous amount of Heavy Body Gel directly on the top of the button right over the sequin.  I also used the gel as a glue and slathered around the button layers to lock them in.    

Why this particular product?  It dries totally clear and NOT glossy.   And because it's super thick it holds the buttons nicely and doesn't drip. 
Prima - Finnabair - Art Basics - Heavy Body Gel - 8.5 Ounces

Finishing the bottom and wrapping the handle  
The image below shows how I created loops of ribbon to finish the base.  Do not use wired ribbon.  It ends up looking sloppy and messy.   I found the satin ribbon to be the best in my opinion. 

All the ribbon and lace are held in place using floral pins with pearl heads.  You can use ling sewing pins as well but they are significantly more expensive. 

Here is one last look at the button bridal bouquet.  Very fun to make and quite satisfying when complete.  

Thanks for stopping here today.  Happy crafting. 

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Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
Buttons Galore - Sequin Tin - Fairy Sparkle - LL308

Prima - Finnabair - Art Basics - Heavy Body Gel - 8.5 Ounces



  1. Wow this came out so Beautiful! Any Bride would LOVE to be carrying this bouquet!😍

  2. I'm speechless... Excellent work, Jennifer!