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Turn Old Salt Shakers into Halloween Bats Decor Shakers - Buttons Galore

Turn Old Salt Shakers into Halloween Decor

Welcome to Part one my three part blog mini-series on re-purposing old salt and pepper shakers and creating fun, fabulous home DIY home decor. 

You can find Part Two here ( the scarecrow and jack-o-lantern witch): 
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There's something so satisfying about re-purposing old items and turning them into totally unexpected gems. Call it up-cycling, recycling, altering, re-purposing, junk to gem - but it's all fun, fabulous and utterly satisfying. 

These items happen to be salt and pepper shakers found at thrift stores, yard sales, and even new ones from the dollar store.  

I've made some simple yet spooktacular holiday  table decor.  

The bat is black foam.  I had it sitting in my craft room for some time and thought it would make the perfect bat topper for this particular short, squat salt shaker. 

I first set out to cut my own bat from black fun foam, however then I found this bat in my stash (originally from Michaels or Joanns).  

Let's talk shaker mix!
What makes the altered salt shaker fun is the mix inside.  You've spent the time making a boo-tiful project so take the time to fill with something equally fun.  I used Buttons Galore - Sparkletz - Boo.  

This mix is adorable with tiny bats and ghosts. Way too cute. 
Boo Sparkletz
Buttons Galore - Boo Sparkletz SPK153

Once the shaker mix is added, 
I took off the top of the shaker, wrapped the wire from the bat, around the top of the shaker and twisted the top back on. Super easy.  

Next I added decorative ribbon and topped with a Halloween 3D Button from Buttons Galore and MoreI looped the ribbon through the shank of the button to make the embellishment and project more durable. 

Buttons Galore and More have a fun and festive collection of holiday 3D buttons that are perfect for finishing touches to projects.  

3D Buttons Happu Hauntings
Buttons Galore and More- 3D Buttons - Happy Hauntings HH104

Stay tuned for more salt and pepper shaker home decor.  
Thanks for stopping. 

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Boo Sparkletz
Buttons Galore


Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

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