Friday, August 23, 2019

Mason Jars and Teddy Bears -Christmas Ornament Shakers

Mason Jar and Teddy Bear Shakers Ornaments 

I missed Christmas in July.  So it's Christmas in August.  
This is the perfect time to start those Christmas projects to avoid the holiday scramble. Time seems to speed up once September starts, whether from the bustle of a new school year or just life in general, time seems to accelerate as days get shorter and the lazy days of summer vanish. That's if you even had lazy summer days.  I did not, but I did have fabulous summer days. 

I've taken some "every day" shaker shapes from Creative Embellishments and turned them into fun shaker ornaments for the tree (or to be used as gift tags).  My images below show the brand new Mason Jar Set  shaker design and the adorable, classic Teddy Bear Shaker Set.
Shakers Mason Jar and Teddy bear

First up - the beloved Teddy Bear Shaker Set.  Too cute for words, this shaker is wonderful for so many occasions.  I'm using mine as "Baby's First Christmas" ornament. 

The craftier side of me appreciates that all shaker sets from Creative Embellishments come with the pre-cut acrylic window piece. No more hunting through the house to find acrylic packaging. No more cutting, fitting and re-cutting acrylic to fit the shaker. Creative Embellishments has taken the stress out of shaker making.  

The chipboard pieces have been painted a light brown and dabbed with cream acrylic paint using a dry sea sponge.  This was done to add texture to the piece.  You can also see in the image below that the edges have also been painted for a finished look.  

I used gold jewelers thread/string to hang the ornament and tied it around one of the layers of the shaker BEFORE it was glued together and completed.   I tied the string to one of the chipboard layers after the paint was dry.    This seemed to be the easiest and cleanest way to attached a string to the shaker for hanging purposes.

You can see the string attached to the middle layer int he image below. 
Filling the Shakers
After the shakers are made, fill them with something fun and eye catching.  I found a product that I'm totally loving and is my latest crafty addiction. Shaker mix from Buttons Galore and More comes in a variety of colors, mix combinations and options - with buttons, beads, traditional round sequins, and custom created shapes.

The mix used inside the Teddy Bear is Sparkletz - Angels Song and has beautiful angel and music note shaped pieces added.  
Teddy bear shaker Card

For the final embellishing touch, I tied with the traditional red plaid bow and topped with a fun 3D button from Buttons Galore and More - a sweet Holly 3D Button .  It adds a fun holiday touch to the piece. 
Holly for Bear card

This is the second fun shaker made with Creative Embellishments chipboard shaker sets.  There are  so many options one can use to decorate the Mason Jar Set  - but for me, the best mason jar is one filled with candy.  YUM.

I love the detail on the lid of the jar.  It's really spectacular.  Because I find the details on the lid so interesting and perfect, I decided to leave the whole chipboard shaker set "as is' with no treatment and no painting.  I wanted the detailed etching to be very apparent and not to get hidden under any treatments or paint.  

The shaker mix on this card is part of a new collection of shaker embellishments from Buttons Galore called Sprinkletz. These resembles tiny mint candies - with the featured Sprinkletz reminding me of small peppermint candies. 

  Sprinkletz are made from polymer clay and tend to resist static cling.  Static is the shaker card's arch nemesis - often making the shaker mix cling to the acrylic window mercilessly.  Sprinkletz seem to resist static cling.  

The little peppermint Sprinkletz are also great for adding to projects as embellishments. I glued some here and there to enrich the evergreen cluster on the ornament.   They are flat and glue really easily by the way - much easier than sequins.
   Mason Jar Christmas shaker

In addition to the shaker mix, I added a few other embellishments to the front of the shaker once it was assembled.  I added some 3D candy cane buttons, traditional buttons and some sequins from Buttons Galore Shaker Mix - Deck the Halls

Thanks for stopping here today.  Happy Crafting.  Don't forget to check out all the new shaker mixes at Buttons Galore and More/28 Lilac Lane as well as the newly released chipboard shaker sets from Creative Embellishments. 

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Teddy Bear Shaker Ornament

Teddy bear shaker Card

Holly for Bear card
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Candy Cane Buttons
Mason Jar Christmas shaker

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  1. OMG, your shaker cards are just "the bomb" You have become the QUEEN OF CARDS!!!! Your talent and creative masterpieces are such a joy to see. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring me to push my self and step it up a notch!!!!!

  2. Oh Wow I never would have thought to make them ornaments...this is such a cool idea and of course they are both gorgeous!!