Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Halloween Spooky Haunted House Shadow Box - Tips and DIY Video

Are you one of the millions of folks who love decorating for Halloween?  
Your in good company.  

I also love Halloween decorations and adore creating projects for the season. 

   Creative Embellishments has an amazing assortment of chipboard pieces for Halloween.  I've created a spooky Haunted House shadow box "vignette" to help feature these products.   
I have a quick 2 min video showing my technique tips.  
Keep scrolling down to see the video.  

In order to create this shadowbox haunted house vignette, I used the following chipboard pieces seen in the image below:
                                      Technique Video
I've created a short 2 min video showing how I created the pieces for this haunted house vignette.

Additional Details

The mummy.  The mummy chipboard piece comes with exquisite details. If you use too much paint, you risk covering up the details of the mummy.  
I used a white wash made from mixing white acrylic paint with a few drops of water.  I also decided to wipe the mummy with a paper towel/cloth instead of using a paint or foam brush.  Why?  I felt both the paint and foam brushes would get paint in the details.  

After he was dry, I glued a few pieces of cheesecloth - the extra creepiness. Cheesecloth is available in craft stores, hardware stores  and even grocery stores.

I thought it would be cute to have the mummy crash through the screen door.  My attempt at scaring away trick-or-treaters - though seriously, who is trick-or-treating at a haunted spooky house locating in a cemetery ?  (cue the spooky music)
I am most certainly not because I am way too busy running away.

The Creative Embellishments -Screen Door 3 has been inked with Vintage Distress Ink. 

The Distressed Wood Signs  The wood signs are the perfect size for this vignette shadow box.  I painted the sign brown,   then dabbed tan and cream colored acrylic paint to lighten it up and provide the appearance of wood grain.  The lighter paints also enabled me to use a black marker for the wording.  

The Tombstones - The tombstones were painted gray and marbled by adding ity-bity dabs of white wash paint to a foam brush and gently touching to the stone.  And I do mean ity-bity.  Less is more.  far easier to add more marbling than to start over.  

Tips for Securing Chipboard Pieces to the Shadowbox
 As you can see from the photos of the haunted house vignette, some of the pieces hang off the house.  My trick for securing the chipboard to the shadow box vignette - is to cut strips of paper and attach as a hinge on both the inside of the house and the outside edge of the house.  

I used this technique to attach the tombstones, the owl on a branch, and the sign. 
Here are some additional close ups of the project.  
A quick word about the paper I used for the background of the house.  The bright purple paper is from Graphic45 - Fairie Dust Collection 12x12.  

Where to Shop? 
You can shop for all your Creative Embellishment chipboard, veneer , flair buttons and more here
You can find the  Creative Embellishments chipboard pieces for Halloween here .  

Creative Embellishments -Distressed Wood Signs
Creative Embellishments -Screen Door 3
Creative Embellishments -Owl on a Branch
Creative Embellishments -Mummies
Creative Embellishments -House Vignette
Creative Embellishments -Tombstones
Creative Embellishments -Fence Border 
Graphic45 - Fairie Dust Collection 12x12
Cheesecloth - white and black
Acrylic Paints: 

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