Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spellbinders Maker's Mart Hot Air Balloon


Maker's Mart Kits by Spellbinders
Recently I had the opportunity to create with Maker's Mart Kits by Spellbinders. They sent me the sweet Balloon Banner Kit and asked me to have fun and create.  So that's what I did.   

 Don't have a die cutting machine? Spellbinders has thought of everything.  Spellbinders also provides a kit that needs no die cutting.   Read on for the details....
  You can see my original post on Spellbinders blog right here.  
This is the Spellbinders Die D-Lite that came in the kit - Die D-Lites Flight 2.  
 There are a few choices of kits  
 The "Paper Kit" and the "Machine Kits".  
1.  Machine Kit -comes with the Prizm  machine , the die, and the Spellbinders Tool 'n One
2. Paper Kit - comes with papers precut for your convenience.  You have all the fun of making the projects even without a machine. 

If you do not have a die cutting machine and are interested in a wonderful small compact and portable machine, then the Prizm is a perfect choice.  The Spellbinders Prizm Die Cutting and Embossing Machine is lightweight and portable.  
 I decided to show a few different ways to use the die. 
I have a super short video that shows how I created the following projects.  

You can see the video right here

I had a birthday party in mind when I started my projects.  First I made a card with the kit. 

 I gave the balloon just a bit of "lift" on the card ( haaaa sorry for the bad pun).  It's only a little dimension, and still fits nicely into an envelope but it has a cool effect on the card.

The short video shows how I shaped the balloon. 

Next I made some cupcake toppers.  These are also in the video.  
Super easy and all the products are included in the kit. Well...almost all the products.  You're on your own for the cupcakes. Can't help ya there. 
Next I decided to create a canvas to go with my card.  The canvas is actually pretty dimensional.  and you guessed it...the canvas is in the video too.  

OK - done with the party theme.  

I changed directions a bit and thought I'd "lift" someone's spirits  with a flowering plant ( enough with the puns ).  I made a balloon pick with my sentiment on the back.  Something bright, cheery, and happy.  
As you can see, there are so many possibilities with the Balloon Banner Prizm Kit.
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