Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DIY Snowman Canvas with Petaloo and Floracraft

Petaloo by Floracraft...Perfect Snowman Frosty Fun
I'm here to add my brand of creative  joy to the Christmas and winter season.  This creation does come with a little story about one of my favorite Holiday and winter traditions.  

I live in snowy New York state.  When my boys were small, they loved to get all bundled up and play in the snow.  Part of the fun was trying to roll  the biggest snowman ever to display in the front yard. (Here's where the tradition in my head differs from reality - so please indulge me for a moment...)
In my mind, the point of rolling the biggest frostiest snowman was to let the neighbors and passers-by know we've conquered the snow and crafted a masterpiece - bedecked in hat, scarf and carrot nose.  Of course the snowman would make his home in the yard till the snow melted.

In reality, I'd run turn my back for a moment to grab the camera and the boys would be knocking the snowman down.  For them, the fun was in crushing him flat.   The results were always the same.  Today, however, I get to show you how my snowman would have looked standing proud in my yard - at least in my imagination. 

With a little help from some fun Floracraft products FloraCraft Styrofoam balls and Petaloo Flowers, I can totally enjoy the season and let my imagination live long past the thaw.    

If you scroll down, I'll show you how I created this canvas.     

Why don't I show you how I made this canvas.  
  Step 1.  As I mentioned, I used an 8x10 canvas as a base.  I grabbed a piece of paper from LemonCraft that reminded me of snow falling, and covered the canvas.  When I use paper on canvas, I like to adhere the paper to the canvas using the appropriate medium - not just glue.  I used matte finish ModPodge.  Other options include:  matte gel medium, white school glue thinned with water. Which ever medium you choose, paint it generously onto the canvas and the paper and let dry.  

Why do I prefer to coat my paper?  It protects the edges of paper from rips and tears and warping over time.  It also protects from dust.   When it comes time to adhere the snowman to the canvas, I feel the coated paper will be a better base and will support the weight of the snowman without ripping the paper. 
Step 2.  This project utilized the foam balls from the Floracraft multipack.  I cut the balls in half using my scissors.  In previous projects, I used my kitchen knife.  When I mentioned to my husband that I was heading to my craft room for some styrofoam fun, he ran and hid the kitchen knives.  True story.  

No worries - I have a super easy alternative to cutting the foam.  I used my scissors like a knife and scored the middle of each ball - making sure I scored all the way around.   After each ball was scored, I twisted the foam balls apart.  Easy!

Step 3.  I  covered each ball with cheesecloth .  To do this, I dabbed a generous amount of ModPodge (or whatever medium you are using)  onto the foam.  Once the foam is covered, I then dabbed more Modpodge over the cheesecloth.  Gobs of it, actually.  The key is to make sure you do not have a lot of excess cheesecloth on the back of the foam.  It needs to lie flat on to  canvas  and excess cheesecloth could cause snowman chaos.

Why did I cover the foam with cheesecloth?  Great question.  So glad you asked.  I certainly could have left the foam uncovered on my canvas.  It's white and looks like a snowball...but I'm trying to think long term.  Seasonal storage may not be particularly kind to raw Styrofoam from year to year.  I do not want to risk little pieces being picked off and having dents in my foam.

The cheesecloth will protect the ball, and still preserve the look of snow.

Step 4.  I  also wanted to capture the sparkle of fresh fallen snow ( I live in NY so I know all too well what fresh fallen snow looks like...piles of fresh fallen snow). 

I sprayed the balls generously with Tacky Spray and rolled the sticky ball in Diamond Dust by Floracraft.  Oh my goodness  - it is absolutely perfect.   I can't capture  with the effect adequately with my camera but it is brilliant.  

Incidentally, I sprayed some matte urethane over the ball after it was dry to keep the Diamond Dust from getting all over.  The Urethane did dull the sparkle a bit, but the effect is still amazing and looks so much like a snow ball.  

Step 5.  From here, I am ready to decorate the canvas and create a snowy landscape with draped cheesecloth.  

Step 6.  Snowman Arms - Ahhhh what to use for the snowman's arms.  Well, I had some older Brown Berry Sprays from Petaloo.  I  cut off the berries and set aside for a different day.  Look how cool the remaining branch is?  And the wire on the branch can be used to stick right into the foam.  

Step 7.  Snowman hat - I had to create a custom hat for my snowman.  I cut a piece of fabric that was pretty thin - this is almost like mesh.   It bends and forms easily. I molded it to my snowman's head and held in place with straight pins till I had the shape I wanted.

Step 8.  Continue to embellish with Petaloo's gorgeous flowers.  I used Petaloo Botanica Sugared Mini-Burgundy Petaloo Botanica Blooms White 1102100 some older Poinsettias in Red Vintage Velvet Poinsettias 1137005 mixed with Petaloo Botanica Regal Gold RS5010-002/4 and Petaloo Pine Pick with Cones.  I pulled apart the pine-cones from the pick and added them here and there as wonderful seasonal accents.

After the creation was completed, I dabbed snowflake paste around the canvas for a frosty look.

 I hope you enjoy the entire holiday season with friends, family  - surrounded in love and joy.  

Petaloo Botanica Blooms White 1102100
Petaloo Botanica Sugared Mini-Burgundy 1131-120
Petaloo Vintage Velvet Poinsettias 1137005 Red
Petaloo Botanica Regal Gold RS5010-002/4
Petaloo Pine Pick with Cones -RS1146-000/6
Petaloo Brown Berry Sprays
FloraCraft Foam Balls - Assorted 6pc #BA43252HB
FloraCraft  Diamond Dust

Other Products:
ModPodge  Matte Paper Finish
Aileens Tacky Spray Adhesive
Prima Snowflake Paste
Gingham Ribbon - Brown
Red Plaid Ribbon from stash
8x10 Canvas Board
LemonCraft - 12x12 Gossamer Blue paper
Cheese Cloth
Lace Trim
Martha Stewart Snowflake Punch
Pearl bead


  1. Love your imagination! I bet this looks amazing in person! What a creative idea!!!!

  2. What an absolutely GORGEOUS project!! You're invited to come by and link up to the CropStop blog where anything goes as long as it's a product they sell in the store (like those beautiful Petaloo blooms!).

  3. I love that! Really wonderful snowman and love your great detail work!