Friday, December 23, 2016

DIY Home Decor Wreath with Petaloo

DIY Festive Wreath with Instructions
I'm here here today continuing the holiday and Christmas festivities right up to the last moment.  Need to whip up a last minute gift?   This is super easy and one of those projects that looks like it took forever in "fussy land" to create.  Let that just be our little secret. 

Scroll down and see my DIY instructions on how to turn Floracraft products , a FloraCraft Styrofoam Wreath and some  gorgeous Petaloo flowers into fun, fast, fab home decor.  

Quick DIY Instructions: 

Step 1.  I started the project with some fun products from FloraCraft  - specifically FloraCraft Burlap Garland   (which is a "must have" staple in my craft room)  and a  FloraCraft 6" Styrofoam Wreath .  
Step 2.  I wrapped the foam with the burlap garland and secured it with hemp cording.  Adding the cording was a second thought actually after the project was well underway.  I realized that glue and straight pins were not going to keep my burlap in place so I decided to wrap the wreath in cording.  
Step 3.  This is how it turned out before I started to embellish.   

Step 4.  Embellish with your choice of gorgeous Petaloo flowers.  While I chose Christmas themed embellishments (because I needed a gift), imagine how gorgeous this would look with flowers for any occasion or any season.  Give it a nautical look with some red glitter star picks, white ruffled roses and blue velvet hydrangea accents...or a beautiful spring feel with purple canvas flowers dotted with yellow roses.   

Here is a close up of the flowers I chose:  

Thanks for stopping here and have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season.  

Petaloo Products : 
Petaloo Flowers - Regal Velvet Poinsettia - Red - RS5009-002/4
Petaloo Flowers - Pine Pick w/Cones and Berries - RS1146-000/6
Petaloo Vintage Velvet Holly Leaves RS1164-001/6 

FloraCraft Burlap Garland   
 FloraCraft Styrofoam Wreath - 6in white 102526  
Jute cording 3mm width - 4yards

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