Sunday, November 1, 2015

Julie Nutting Canvas - Christmas scene and Step by Step ( Flying Unicorns)

Welcome to the Flying Unicorns kit for November.  Getting closer to Christmas, I thought I'd create a frosty scene using the "off the page" project.
November's bounty comes with a perfectly selected "off the page" project. Included in each Main Kit, is always a fun and unique "off the Page " item. This darling wheel barrow is perfect for the season. This unique item is chosen just for November, and just for you.

This is the November Off the Page project - "OTP".  The actual OTP item is a sweet metal wheelbarrow and was included in the main kit for November.  The main kit, Your Passion Your Art , always comes with an item to alter.

I wanted to create a winter scene at Christmas time with Toby and his dog have cut their tree down and are wheeling it home to decorate.  The doll stamps are from Prima- Julie Nutting and are two of my favorites to use because they represent the love and loyalty between a boy and his dog.

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How did I make this?

When I am making a project like this, I make it to withstand a little physical abuse.  I find it important to figure out ways to attach the embellishments to the canvas so it will last.   I believe I have come up with some pretty clever ways of attaching items if I do say so myself!

Important items in my scrap box of tricks?
  • Clear fishing line (nylon filament)
  • Heavy duty staple gun.  
  • Wood skewers
  • Needle nose pliers and palette knife
To create the shadow box effect, I simply turned a canvas around and used the reverse side.  I then painted the canvas and wood with Prima's Chalkboard paint because it has a great matte finish that I love.  I tried to create an ombre effect by painting the darker Jewel Blue first at the top , then progressing down to Sea Breeze and Egg Blue before transitioning to white for the snowy ground.

I prefer using a foam brush because they are inexpensive, provide great coverage and I don't have to clean them.  I am honestly horrible with paint brushes and sadly irresponsible.  I hate washing them out so they will be crusty and dirty when I go to use them.

To secure the wheel barrow, I use clear nylon filament or fishing line.  Yep - common fishing line.  It's pretty inexpensive, very very durable,  and is a staple in my crafting box.  I often secure the fishing line with a few heavy duty staples stuck into the wood part of my canvas.

I will also secure the trees to the canvas with fishing line. 

The palate knife or needle nose pliers are used to slightly raise the staple so I can wind the fishing line around the staple to use as an anchor to tie the fishing line to.

You can also see that I used the heavy duty staples to secure the Christmas trees.  I tied the trees tightly with fishing line so they would stay exactly where I want them. Then I anchored the fishing line by tying it to the staples.

This is what the canvas looks like before I embellish it.  I did add some of the new Prima Snowflake paste to the bottom for a snowy effect. 

Julie Nutting Doll Stamps
Julie Nutting Dolls = when I make a dimensional project and want the dolls to be part of the dimension, I often stamp two images.  I glue pieces of wood skewer  onto the bottom stamp layer to help stabilize the doll.  Then I glue the images together.    As you can see, I stamped and cut two Toby images and two dog images.  I also made sure I inked the edges of the bottom layer to help blend the layer and make it less noticeable.

After I have the wood skewers in place, I glue the top layer on and am then ready to continue with my project.

I made sure to provide a little extra support to the heads with some dimensional foam dots ( pop dots).

Here is a shot to show how I added the nylon fishing line.  

I made a  tree sign using paper and more skewers.  I decorated my tree sign with some Lime Green Stickles and Prima snowflake paste. 

Last finishing touch, I covered all my staple mess with cheese cloth for a snowy base.  I also dabbed the cheese cloth with Prima's Snowflake paste.  

You can also find this piece in my ETSY shop right here

Prima Chalkboard Paint, Sea Breeze 577230
Prima Chalkboard Paint, Jewel Blue 577223
Prima Chalkboard Paint,Egg Blue 577216
White Gesso
Prima Finnabair Extravagance Snowflake Paste 962906
Darice Metal Wheel Barrow 7in x2.8in
Prima Flowers - Victorian Christmas Rudolph's Nose 583446
Prima Flowers - Victorian Christmas Poinsettia Kiss
Prima Poppies and Peonies Canvas Banners
Prima Julie Nutting Dolls - Toby 910969
Prima Julie Nutting Dolls - Dog 910846
Prima Watercolor Paints Soft Neutrals - 576707
Prima Chalk Edgers - Branch Bark
Stickles - Lime Green and Christmas Red
Wood Skewers
Cheese cloth
8.5 x11 canvas


  1. Jennifer,
    Oh my gosh - so very adorable - and it makes me smile!

  2. Always love your Prima doll OOP creations! You definitely have the knack!!! :) Love this Jennifer!!!

  3. This is really awesome Jennifer and so very creative!! Always love how your dolls turn out too. I have seen many times how you create them but alas..I just end up with plain dolls. lol But I love them so I do my best. Nice work!!
    Hugs ~~ Mary longberry

  4. I really loved this tutorial! You are so clever, your instructions very clear, and I love your humor! Beautiful project! The dolls look amazing and your finished project so very cool!