Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Maja Design Inspiration Post

Inspiration Day at Maja Design

Maja Design recently had Inspiration Day.  You can see the post here
I chose my dad as he has been a big inspiration in my life.  This is his Navy photo.  He's about 20 years old here and so full of adventure, excited for the future, serving his country and protecting freedom.  

Fast forward 55 years and my dad is proud of his service to his country, his time aboard the USS Taconic and the love for his country and family. 

I couldn't think of anything more appropriate than to pair up Maja Life by the Sea and some 2Crafty chipboard. I used the Anchors, flag banners seen a little further down, and the Hand drawn Stars. 

Life by the Sea is perhaps my favorite collection - though I typically say that as each new collection is released.  But I do love the rustic classic Americana feel I get when looking at the collection - while never intending it to be such. 

2Crafty Anchors

Hand drawn Stars m00560

You can see the mix and match patterns of the Life By the Sea are so subtle and wonderful together - not overstated and not clashing crazy.   You can also see how amazingly detailed the 2Crafty chipboard anchor is.  Love this - which is why I decided to not cover it with paint, enamel or anything to compromise the gorgeous detail.

 This photo shows the 2crafty Flag Banners m00104 with snippets of Life By the Sea as decorations.

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