Saturday, May 30, 2015

Graduation Keepsakes Gift Boxes

Graduation Gift Box Keepsakes - with Blitsy

Gussy up graduation day with a cute gift box, party favor or table decoration. This keepsake graduation hat (mortarboard) is adorable and will be cherished as a reminder of the hard work it takes to achieve success.
So many uses for this Mortarboard:
  • Use it for treats or favors for the big graduation party
  • Tuck a small gift in the box as a nice surprise
  • Use it to store a college ring
  • Money and gift cards fit perfectly and are much beloved by any grad!
Here's how I made this: 
Start with a round box like this.  This is a small 4x4 box - but boxes come in many sizes. 
Step 1. 
Paint entire box ( inside and out) with acrylic paint. I found a foam brush is fast and really gets into the edges of the box perfectly.
Step 2. 
Add washi tape, glitter tape or ribbon as desired. I layered ribbon over gold glitter tape on the black hat.  I added extra glue to my trim so the glitter tape and ribbon stay in place for years to come.

Step 3.
​Decorate box with sequin stars if desired.   I thought they added a nice decorative touch without over embellishing.  Plus they are great for any grad.  

Step 4.
Cut a 5x5 square from chipboard.  This will be the top of the hat.   Paint to match the box.

Step 5.
I used a small tassel - like one used for a book mark. I cut the tassels loop in one place to create a longer string for attaching to the hat.

Step 6
Add a bit of glue to the tassel and attach to the hat,  then top with a sequin star.  

Step 7
Personalize with Viva Decor Pearl Pen.
Step 8
Glue top to the base of the hat. A glue with a strong bond is suggested to withstand the frequent opening and closing of the box.
You can personalize if you want: 
Here are more close ups

DCC Round Boxes 4x4
Black Acrylic Paint
Blue Acrylic Paint
Paper Accents Chipboard
Small Tassels
Foam Brushes
Paint Brushes
Star sequins
Tim Holtz Scissors
Viva Decor Pearl Pen - Gold
Gold Paint Pen
Glitter Tape