Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flying Unicorns Siblings

Flying Unicorns January Kit of the Month
This month the kit is full of Riddersholm papers and Prima embellishments.  They make a great pair.  The piece of Riddersholm that I used has a nice touch of vintage appeal so I pulled out a photo of my siblings and me back in the day.   I am the first wee little tyke on the left.   Not sure if I am giggling or sucking my thumb.  Probably both.  Still do both.  ahhhhh some habits never die.   OK so I don't suck my thumb anymore, but only because it has glue or glitter on it.  

This kits move fast and are sold out in a day.  If you'd love to play with the Riddersholm papers, then grab some while they are available at the Flying Unicorn store.  The collection is Vintage Venture and is available here while it lasts. 

Thanks  for visiting.  I treasure that. 

January 2015 Kit of the month.

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