Friday, September 5, 2014

FabScraps Industrial Chic Cards

Cards with FabScraps Industrial Chic. 
These cards were made for my family members upon the sudden death of my nature-loving Uncle last week. The beautiful papers did a lot of the talking for me in a time where no words can convey true emotions. 

My Uncle Marty used to own a Christmas tree farm and was at his happiest diggin in the dirt and playin in the barn.   The barn wood also reminds me of the family farm where gatherings were the norm on a Sunday afternoon.  

I was able to lock myself in my scrap room - cry, remember, grieve and be comforted by my hobby.  How many people can say that!  Thanks FabScraps for making the perfect papers for this occasion and giving me a moment to smile at a difficult time. 

We sat and listened and all shared our favorite memories of Uncle Marty and the Farm - laughed, had good times and that is the point when celebrating the life of a dear loved one. 
And how heartwarming when your hobby and passion can help comfort you in these difficult times. 

I have added step-by-step instructions on how to make each card.  This can be found at the bottom of this post. 

Card 1

This card was made using the FabScraps paper Wood Chic C67001 and the Journal die cuts for the collection MC67001A.  I took the flowers from the die cut and tucked them under my Prima flowers. 

Card 2

This card was made using a few different FabScraps papers: the background was made with Wood Chic2 C67002, the wide punched strip was made  Steel Chic2 C67008 and the  smaller strip was from Steel Chic C67007.

The flowers and bird were cut from Steel Chic C67007.  I just layered them and added Prima's Art Ingredients Art Sugar.  

You can see the Art Sugar a little better here but honestly few photos will capture the brilliance and shine that the Art Sugar creates.
Card 3

This card was made using the FabScraps paper Wood Chic C67001 and the Journal die cuts for the collection MC67001A.

The die pack from the collection has flower cut outs and instruction on how to make them.  The flower I created is the blue one below.   

                       - forever miss  and love you Uncle Marty-

Once again - thanks FabScraps for helping me surround myself with papers and happy things I love in a sad time. 

You can visit FabScraps here

Card 1 ( Brown Wood Background)
 FabScraps  Industrial Chic paper Wood Chic C67001
 FabScraps Industrial Chic Die cuts MC67001A. 
 Prima flowers - White Pillar Pack529567
 FabScraps Wood Buttons ( Hand painted) - BE1 005
Edge punch

Card 2 ( Blue)
 FabScraps  Industrial ChicWood Chic2 C67002
 FabScraps  Industrial Chic Steel Chic C67007
 FabScraps  Industrial Chic Steel Chic2 C67008
 Prima Art Ingredients - Art Sugar

Card 3 ( White Background)
FabScraps  Industrial Chic paper Wood Chic C67001
 FabScraps Industrial Chic Die cuts MC67001A. 
 Prima flowers - White Pillar Pack529567
Prima Flowers 570873
Prima Encore 561352
Cream card stock
Edge Punch
brown ink
Metal Frame trinket 

1.     Card One:
2.     Start with FabScraps Industrial Chic paper collection – Wood Chic C67001 as the background.  Fold to make a card.
3.     Cut a strip from the same paper that will rest horizontally across the card.    Gently distress edges of strip with scissors or distressing tool.
4.     Wrap twine around the strip several times then complete with a loopy bow tied in the front of the strip.
5.     Glue strip on the card and tuck some lace under the strip so that it is peaking out here and there.
6.     Select coordinating die flowers from FabScraps Industrial Chic Die cuts MC67001A. Ink edges. 
7.     Glue flower die cuts over the twine loopy bow.  Make sure twine is sticking out from underneath.
8.     Layer additional flowers of choice over the die cuts. 
9.     Tuck a FabScraps wood button BE1005 and a little wisp of cheesecloth under flowers.
10.   Card Two:
11.   Fold  FabScraps Chic Wood Chic2 C67002 to form a card. 
12.   Cut a paper strip from  FabScraps Steel Chic C67007 approx  2 inches wide which will lie across the card. Ink edges brown.
13.   Punch two pieces of FabScraps Chic Steel Chic2 C67008 – ink edges brown.  Glue to the sides of the smaller strip. Clue to card.
14.    Glue a piece of lace as an additional accenting border.
15.   Cut  flowers and hummingbird from FabScraps Industrial Chic – Steel Chic C67001 and glue to card. 
16.   To make the flowers have dimension, you may want to back them with cardboard or dimensional tape.
17.   Tuck some additional small white flowers under the FabScraps cut-outs.  Also tuck in a small snippet of cheesecloth.
18.   Top flowers with glitter.
19.   Card Three:
20.   Fold a piece of cream colored card stock into a square card.  Ink edges with brown. 
21.   Cut a smaller square from FabScraps  Industrial Chic paper collection – Wood Chic C67001  and ink edges.
22.   Punch some strips  from cream colored cardstock and ink edges.  Glue around the Wood Chic square to frame it.
23.   Select coordinating name plate die from FabScraps Industrial Chic Die cuts MC67001A. Ink edges and glue to the card. 
24.   Add a mini metal frame and glue flowers to card.

25.   Tuck lace under flowers and add wisps of cheesecloth.  

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  1. Your Uncle looks a LOVELY sorry for your loss, but what you write is so darn spot on....this craft has a way of helping us through sooo much! And I must say, your cards left me speechless.....I don't visit often...but, man, when I do...always blown away. I think it's the way you combine the elements - they look so effortlessly perfect together. Love 'em all---specially the one with the blue bird:):)