Monday, April 28, 2014

Prima Mothers Day Easy and Quick Gift Idea

 Prima Gift Card-Plant Pick - Super Quick and easy
(featured on the Prima blog here)

This project is not meant to be complex or drop dead stunning.  It is meant for the occasional crafter in need of a fast "extra" gift for mom or other occasion. 
This is a super quick gift for anyone to make as Mother's Day approaches. My mother enjoys the cards I make, but cards get placed in a drawer all too quickly.  I wanted to create something that can be displayed  longer than a card to remind mom how much she means.  This fun plant/flower pick is something that mom can show off with the plant.  Even better?  It doubles as a gift card holder so mom can treat herself to something special as well. 

I used some font  from this site - as a bit of whimsy to my photos of the project.   

Plus some bonus tips!  
 I painted the resin bumble bee with yellow acrylic paint and swiped it off before it dried.  And I did NOT remove the lace doily sticker from the acrylic backing.  I simply cut around it  and glued it to my ATC card.  This gives it strength and now can be used on a dimensional project. 

The photos below show how this can double as a gift card!

971168 Prima Instascrap - Love Stickers
971250 Prima Instascrap -ATC Cards 2x2
971236 Prima Instascrap -ATC Cards 3x4
971243 Prima Instascrap -ATC Cards 4x4
572341 Prima Lace Stickers
572914 Prima Free Spirit Wood Embellishments
980085 Prima Bloom Girl Flair Buttons and Stamp
573317 Prima Resin Icons
569945 Prima Resins Butterflies

Yellow acrylic paint
lace and ribbon

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