Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flying Unicorns OTP - Off the Page Project - Chest of drawers with FabScraps

We are thrilled to reveal our April 2014 Your Passion Your Art kit of the month! This kit is filled to the brim with the long awaited 7 Dots Collection Cold Country ! A vintage, artistic feel with lots of one of kind goodies and mixed media enhancements to allow you to create with passion your works of art!

Our kit is never complete without our off the page project and this month we provide an unfinished wood 3 drawer chest that stands eight inches tall !

Mixed Passion, the prettiness of it all. This add on kit is filled with additional flowers, trims and embellishments that enhance the main kit and all other add on kits. It can stand alone and be used with your stash - the possibilities are endless!

I decided to use the gorgeous FabScraps French Heritage collection to decorate this little Chest of Drawers.   The chest stands 10 in x 6.5 in  with embellishments - 8 inches  tall without.  It is perfect for jewelry.  When I was a little girl , I had one of these little chest of Drawers for my Barbie doll shoes and accessories.  This really brought  "little Jen-Jen" out again.  (Though my family would say little Jen-Jen comes out way too often in my paper crafting room.)

So this is the chest before.  

I gave mine a quick coat of paint and did not fuss.  I wanted it to be more of a paint washed look.  I also removed the knobs on the drawers.  FabScraps makes amazing metal door knockers that are a great match here. 

I painted my door knockers to look a little like the paper.   I also added paper leaves around each drawer's door pull. 

As you can see, I adorned with tulle, pearl strings, a FabScraps butterfly cut from Butterfly Pink  2  C63006 
and added some cardboard to the back to keep it stiff and durable.

These are the coolest door knockers from FabScraps.    I painted them with gesso and wiped off.  Then painted them with Splash of Color  Silks Acrylic Glaze - Pink Grapefruit  and wiped off.  Then added a bit of embossing powder and heat set. 

Snag your kit as soon as possible.  April 2014 Your Passion Your Art kit 

April 2014 Your Passion Your Art kit Flying Unicorn April
1.     Chest Of Drawers Base Preparation:
2.     Start with FabScraps French Heritage Collection Butterfly Pink2 C63006  sheet.  Cut pieces to fit sides of the chest. Glue on.
3.      FabScraps French Heritage Collection Butterfly Pink C63005 sheet.  Cut pieces to fit top and back.  Glue.
4.      FabScraps French Heritage Collection Butterfly Pink  C630065. .  Cut pieces to fit drawers – you will need to cut extra big so you can punch edges and still have it fit. .  Punch edges with decorative punch.  Glue.
5.     Trim the edges of the sides, top and back with decorative trim.
6.     Drawer and Drawer Pull( Door Knocker) Preparation:
7.     Paint door knockers with gesso-rub off immediately.  This will leave a little white in the grooves of the knockers.   Repeat with soft pink paint.
8.     Add a little embossing ink and white aged embossing powder to the pulls and heat set. 
9.     Drill hole on the drawers for  FabScraps Brass Door Knockers Embellishments ME1008. 
10.   Glue paper leaves to the drawers where the knockers will be – to act as a decorative accent to the drawer.
11.   Attach knockers.
12.   Embellishing Touches:
13.   Tie a knot in the tulle and glue to the top of the box.  The knot provides a great surface for gluing and acts as a  support to start building your floral cluster.
14.   Add flowers – web weave trim.
15.   Cut a butterfly from FabScraps French Heritage Collection Butterfly Pink2 C63006 .  Back it with cardboard for durability  and glue to the floral cluster. 
16.   Add floral picks, string pearls, ribbon bow. 


  1. Ohhhh, I love this! I love the vintage colors and the distressed drawer pulls. But, what are you going to put in it? Lots of treasures I imagine.

  2. Oh and both of my daughters (7 and 9) are begging me for this dresser- I just got the kit yesterday- I imagine for Barbie shoes!