Monday, March 31, 2014

Flying Unicorns Mixed Art for April - Relax wall canvas

Mixed Art add on kit is for beginners and enthusiasts who love mixed media and creating journal pages, layouts, with lots of textures and details! Our Mixed Art kit always come with a canvas to allow your to create works of art that can be displayed in your home. gifted or to practice your techniques. Its about finding the passion in you and creating! The colors of the Mixed Art compliment the main kit and other add ons allowing you additional items and mediums to play with.

I am obsessed with the beach theme lately as winter lingers on and on here.  Yesterday we had yet another 7 inches of snow.  STOP I say. 

So I need to surround myself with the peaceful tranquility of the ocean.  I grabbed the FabScraps Beachcomber collection for this. 

This project has two looks - one with the 8in x 8in canvas behind it and one without.  Just pop off the pretty decorative hanger and it hangs alone on a wall or window. 

 Below is the tiny mini frame decorated with elements from the Mixed Art add-on and from FabScraps Beachcomber collection.  You can see shots of it on the background and off. 

I have also attached step by step instructions of the project at the bottom of this post. 

The metal gears  have been covered in white frosty ink and heat dried.

The gorgeous sanddollar chipboard piece from FabScraps DC64013 has been painted white, and covered in Shimmerz Texturez, Tidy Widy.  This is wonderful texture paste. 

The star fish is also from FabScraps chipboard DC64013 and has been painted white and covered in Tidy Widy texture paste.   I have also added strips of mesh,  Viva Sand Texture paste, dry wall tape,  and fibers. 

Here is the complete project without the 8x8 canvas background. 

Grab up the  Mixed Art kit  before it's gone.  

For This Project You Will Need

1.     Background Canvas Preparation:
2.     Cut a square of FabScraps Beachcomber Splashes 2 C64004 paper to cover the front of your canvas – leave ¼ in around the edges for canvas to show.  Glue to canvas – or adhere using a gel medium.  Gel medium  will not ripple the paper.
3.     Dab gesso or thin white acrylic paint around edges of paper and canvas for a beachy weathered effect.
4.     Drill a hole in the top of the canvas at the wood frame and attach the decorative door knob. Make sure decorative metal hanger fits over door knob.
5.     Chipboard Preparation:
6.      FabScraps Beachcomber Collection chipboard – Shells and Starfish DC64013 - Paint a sand dollar and a star fish with white gesso or paint.  Cover with a texture medium like molding paste or ceramic paste.  You can even mix sand to your molding paste to create beachy texture.
7.     Add a decorative center to the starfish.  Set aside.
8.     Glue Sand dollar to the metal hangar.  Add some web weave on the back and a fiber bow.
9.     Decorate the bow with punched paper tape and pearls or beads.  
10.   Mini Canvas Preparation:
11.   To decorate the mini  canvas – here are the products I used but the options are limitless.
12.   Small canvas #1 – I used layers of molding paste, sand  texture, mesh, fibers, punched paper tape that had been inked.  I glued the chipboard starfish to the canvas, then tied  fiber around it to further hold in place.  Add trim to the bottom – I used Web weave.
13.   Small Canvas #2misted lightly and let drip. When dry, added some small metal gear charms that had been heat embossed with white.  Added some punched tape.  Inked the edges lightly,
14.   Using stickers from FabScraps Beachcomber Collection Stickers ST64001, remove the “Relax” sticker and mount on white cardstock to make it durable and brighter since the stickers are transparent.   Glue to the canvas.
15.   Add small amount of fishing net to the back and dab the net with gesso for a softer weathered look. Finish with web weave glued to the bottom of the canvas.
16.   Finishing Touches:
17.   Glue some ribbon to the mini canvas’ and clip to the hanger to let hang.

18.    Using stickers from FabScraps Beachcomber Collection Stickers ST64001, remove the banner  stickers and mount on white cardstock to make it durable and brighter since the stickers are transparent.   Glue to the top of the canvas. 

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