Friday, February 28, 2014

OTP March Flying Unicorns - featuring FabScraps French Heritage Collection

Flying Unicorns Kit of the Month for March "Off the Page Project" with FabScraps
We are so excited to bring you our March 2014 Kit of the Month.
Each month, the Kit of the Month contains a cool easy "off the Page Project".  The INCLUDED off the page project this month is a simple wooden box.   It had a clasp for closing  on it but I took that off and replaced it with a vintage style ornate clasp. 

I have attached step by step instructions to explain my steps in completing this project. 

The before and after shots of the completed project are always fun to see.  

The lace I used was leftover from a previous kit of the month (Feb) that I felt was perfect here.  I actually took the clasp off first, added the lace, then replaced with the new clasp.  This way the box looks a little more polished.  It's all in the details!

The clasp was originally antique gold in appearance but simply did not match the papers.  The FabScraps French Heritage papers are stunning with a cool tone.  I took some Rub N Buff Antique White wax rub   and rubbed it on the clasp.  Then I rubbed it on the metal adornments as well.     

The Flying Unicorns March kit is filled with creative goodies that will excite.  Grab one before it's gone.
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Flying Unicorns March 2014 Kit of the Month.
FabScraps French Heritage Collection - Lilac Delight 2 C63008
Rub N Buff Antique White wax rub 
FabScraps Metal Ornament Catch Embellishment (Clasp) ME1007
FabScraps French Heritage Stickers -ST63002
FabScraps French Heritage Filigree Edge chipboard -DC63004
Flying Unicorns Metal Adornments - Mix Bloom Collection 
Prima Flowers  - Charlotte 571474
Splash of Color - Silks French  Lilac and Periwinkle
string pearls
floral berry
embossing powder - white opal
heat gun
white gesso

1.     Base  Preparation:
2.     Cover box  top and all sides with  FabScraps French Heritage Collection – Lilac Delight 2 - C63008
3.      Remove original  clasp and set aside.
4.     Glue lace around the lid of the box.
5.     Prepare the FabScraps ornate metal clasp by rubbing with antique white wax rub, or white paint wash ( white paint thinned with water).  Rub off excess. 
6.     Replace  clasp with FabScraps Metal Oriental Catch Embellishment   (Clasp)  ME1007.   You will add right over the lace.  This will help make the box look polished and well assembled   NOTE – if you are leaving the original clasp on the box, you may still want to remove the original clasp, glue the lace down, then put the clasp back on over the lace.
7.     Glue trim around the top edges of the box.
8.     Glue string pearls to the top edge. 
9.     Embellishments:
10.   Cut the flower graphics  from FabScraps French Heritage Collection - C63 and glue to the top corner to the box where you plan to embellish.
11.   Take the metal ornaments  and rub some white wax rub over tem or white paint wash as described in step 5. .  This makes the blend with the paper a litter better.  Dab with purple silk glazes. 
12.   Glue metal ornaments to the top.
13.   Add  flowers to the top corner.
14.   Add another metal ornament, that has been prepared with the white wax or white wash and glue to the box. 
15.   Take sticker of choice from FabScraps  French Heritage Clear Stickers ST63002 and glue to a piece of white cardstock and cut around.  This makes the image on the sticker appear very crisp. 
16.   Glue sticker to the top of the metal ornament.
17.   Add pearl strings and lace,
18.   Add floral berries.
19.   Chipboard Preparation:
20.   FabScraps French Heritage Chipboard  Filigree Edge Chipboard  DC63004 – paint with white paint and emboss with clear embossing powder to give a clear shine.
21.   Glue to the top of the box.
22.   Finishing Touches:
23.   Add flowers and leaves or trim to the front and top of the box as desired. 

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  1. MARK IT SOLD! I've been waiting for you to make something in these colors! Gorgeous!