Monday, November 18, 2013

Histories de Pages - Magazine Debut in English

New French Magazine Translated into English

Histoires de Pages, a French scrapbooking magazine and partner of Prima Marketing, has just been translated into English.  It arrives on the market  today.  How exciting!  

What does this magazine offer?  

·        -   A very precise translation has been done by a Franco-British team.
·        -   A number of pages that are of interest only to the French readership have been replaced by some of the best articles published in previous issues, which gives an incredible richness to this issue!
·         Pictures of the layouts were made by a professional photographer. The result in the online version is excellent and allows zooming.
·        -   There is a wide variety of styles - with a design team of 30 people, including 6 well-known European scrappers, today we do not consider Histoires de Pages as a French magazine, but as a European magazine!
·        -   There are many techniques and step-by-steps well explained – more than in any other magazine and much more than in the print version!


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