Thursday, June 27, 2013

FabScraps Milkshake Chic Collection -Elegant Garden

Here is a layout featuring the new Milkshake Chic collection from FabScraps.  It has a fascinating nostalgic theme to the paper with an elegant twist.

This collection also has the MOST magnificent die cuts.  They are garden trellis arches. Ohhh my so delicate.  I used them to create my elegant garden feel, along with my sweet niece to pose in the garden.

I gussied up my garden with some string pearls and lace.
Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned to FabScraps because in addition to Milkshake Chic and Baby Bear collections,  they are coming out with some crazy cool collections for CHA.    You can find peeks on Facebook.

1.     Background  Paper Preparation:
2.     Start with two pages of FabScraps Milkshake Chic Collection –Bubblegum  C58002 – cut the checked border from one sheet and glue to the bottom left corner of the second sheet.
3.     Glue the die cut arches from FabScraps Milkshake Chic Collection –Pink Soda Milkshake MC58006 and Strawberry Milkshake MC58002 to the Bubblegum paper.
4.     Grab a stencil or mask and some white molding paste and add some stenciling to the page – starting from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner.  Leave a little of the arches showing.  They are far too pretty to completely hide.
5.     Add a thick layer of molding paste on the bottom of the arches.  Add string pearls and lace over the molding paste to dry.
6.     Glue a 3in piece of lace trim right under the graphic of the lady on the paper.  This will appear to be the ground for her feet.
7.     Photo Image Preparation:
8.     Cut an image from photo paper.
9.     Glue to the arches where the two arches meet.  
10.  Finishing Touches:
11.   Glue your choice of flowers to the bottom left corner and embellish as if it is a floral garden.
12.   Add floral berries and resin birdhouse.   

13.   Enjoy.

  • FabScraps Papers – Milkshake Chic Collection –Bubblegum  C58002 (12in x12in)  plus the checked border from a second sheet
  • FabScraps Papers – Milkshake Chic Collection – Pink Soda Milkshake MC58006 
  • FabScraps Papers – Milkshake Chic Collection –Strawberry Milkshake MC58002
  • Prima Poppies and Peonies Turkish Grunge
  • Prima Tatiana Collection - Coral Flowers
  • prima Scrapbook Jewelry - Blizzard
  • White Molding paste
  • lace and trim, string of pearl beads
flowers, floral berries, resin birdhouse 


  1. Gorgeous layout, I love the cut out photo and all the pink!!

  2. Gosh, this is so beautiful and soft! Fabulous lay-out!

  3. Reminds me of an ice cream
    I love the garden. The pearls and lace are just gorgeous and I love what you did with the background.

    Happy Crafting

  4. Soooo pretty! Love the soft colors with the black and white checkered design! Beautiful floral design!

  5. This is beautiful work! Glad to have found a local blogger!

    Amanda Rose