Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Wall Hanging -ZVA Creative

Here is a wall hanging I made to brighten up the dull winter days where I live.  I can't think of anything better to brighten up your surroundings than bling.  So I added some ZVA crystals to my project.

I left some of the plastic backing on the crystals  that dangle off the plaque to give this a little more dimension.  By leaving the plastic backing on the flourish, I can easily use the ZVA in projects like this because it holds it's shape so perfectly.

The flourish I used is ZVA Flourish V - Iridescent Crystal  CRS-05CA-112.
I paired it with a Blue Moon jewelry piece I snagged from the clearance bin at my local craft store.
I also altered a Christmas ornament that I bought on clearance by painting it with Rub N Buff Silver leaf.. The plaque piece is clearance from Halloween.

I am using my wonderful amazing Scraps Of Elegance Kit from Dec. to complete this wall hanging.

If you are thinking that I am clearance Queen, I am.   Feels great to actually use some of my treasured finds. Husband is happy that I am using stuff too and not just buying and storing.  I store more than I probably should. Not hoarder caliber yet, but more storage area is certainly a little crowded.    I am betting that you, out in scrappy world, are no different.

Here is a close up.  You can see how the ZVA crystals just dazzle on this piece.

Thanks a million for taking your time here.

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  1. Jen, this is truly exquisite! Gorgeous details and colors! The angel's perfect! Love it!