Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift Box - ZVA Creative

Gift Box - ZVA Style ( ZVA Creative)

Ever create something that you wished you didn't have to give away?  This is one of those times. 

My boss asked me for a quick last minute creation for his wife for Christmas ( a week before Christmas mind you).  He is buying a house and he wanted me to create something using the photos of the new house to surprise her.  I do believe he had scrapbook pages in mind.

He handed me 11 photos.  Egads. I think that means he was expecting some type of collage style layout.  Now that's a real challenge for me -kind of frightening.  I admire work that can incorporate several images.  That takes skill - a skill I don't have.  Perhaps I should say a skill I do not have the patience for at this point in the Christmas countdown. 

Fortunately for me, I salvaged a candy box from the office.  It had  Lindt Truffles in it. mmmmmm I can still smell a hint of sweet chocolates.  The box was perfect because it needed no painting and  no prep work.  My kind of project a few days before Christmas.

What can make a girl feel special?  Bling. oh yeah, she's a blingin' kind of gal too, so my project must have some ZVA bling on it. 

 Quick, simple, easy.  Pop some ZVA crystals on the top, a gold foil doily, some beaded velvet trim  and it's oh so elegant. And oh so done.  I also used some vintage style keys on the top of the box to convey the sentiment of the gift - which is the new home. 

I used  ZVA Flourish Crystal in Red  CRB-05CB-104 for the crystal accent piece. 

Here are some close ups.  It is so hard to get a feel for the elegance of this box.   

Thanks for visiting and taking a look.  I appreciate this a great deal.


  1. Love the beautiful box, it looks so rich and festive. I am sure she will like it. I can image it is difficult to give it away. Bye, merry christmas to you

  2. I can understand why you did'nt want to give it away, its beautiful!

  3. I'm sure she loved it .... it's GORGEOUS. So... I'm wondering to myself...what did you do with the photos? :) Men and their last minutes ideas. LOL.