Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Wheelbarrow CSI #8 - Color Stories, Inspiration

This was created for the CSI - Color, Stories, Inspiration Case File #8.  The color palette, evidence and testimony are listed below.  

The background paper is the Bo Bunny Snowfall Collection.
I used the  Case File Scene as inspiration for my design.

  • Use stars - embellishments, paper with stars, etc.
  • Use glass or transparent elements or glass-like elements.
  • Use liquid mediums (e.g., paints, mists, Glossy Accents, inks, etc.).
  • Add something that sparkles or shines (or use glitter or Stickles).
  • Use a solid color in the background.
  • Use the composition of the image to inspire the design of your page.
  • Cut a slit in your embellishment to let it sit on the edge of an element.
TESTIMONY (CHOOSE AT LEAST 1--You need to have some sort of journaling for your page; not just a title, please)
  • The Star of the Show: Who's the star of the pictured event and why?
  • Stars: List the cast and identify their roles in the event.
  • Tell three quirky factoids about your subject (as inspired by the 3 drinks).
  • Write your journaling in the form of a recipe.
  • Inspiration words: stellar, indulge, effervescent -- these are meant as jumping off points for your journaling--not just titles (though you certainly can use these as your title; just please also have a story of some sort for your page).

My Evidence:
I used the scene as my inspiration for my layout design.  I also used some crystals that dangle off the snowflakes and the flowers.

My Testimony:
I chose 3 quirky facts about this scene.
1.  This is not my yard.  It belongs to my neighbors.  Anyone who knows me knows I take most of my outdoor photos in my neighbors yard.  It's so much prettier.   When I took this  photo at 7 in the morning, the neighbor caught me out there and I think I startled him.  Not sure if he spilled his coffee all over with surprise - but I hope not.  ( They have told me to use the yard when I want, but still....ya know it is a little odd).

2.  My kitty, Escape Kitty, also enjoys this yard more than our yard.  This is the first place she heads for when she dashes out of the house to escape.  She hides under the wheelbarrow.  FIND a new hiding place Kitty!  I know you're there!

3.  This wheelbarrow has not been used or moved in over a year.  Not sure how all the amazing yard work is getting done without touching the wheelbarrow, BUT, the yard looks great in the summer with or without so keep up the good work Mr. Neighbor Man.  Kitty and I appreciate the hard work. 

Thanks for looking. 

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