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Scraps Of Darkness March Kit Reveal Day - Needful Things

Welcome to the March Reveal for Scraps Of Darkness, Needful Things
This kit has paired the fun, colorful, whimsical G45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe papers with SEI Field Notes. 
Please visit us at SOD and consider getting whimsical.  This kit may be my favorite yet!  Papers were so much fun that I kind of, sort of hated to cut into them.  That feeling lasted all of about two minutes, then the scissors came out and paper scraps showered my floor.  I am not a neat tidy scrapper. 

No One Quite Like Grandma ( or a day with cheese danish)
Lots of cutting going on here.

This is a photo of my two boys and my mom.  I took this photo EXACTLY a year ago to the day (March 23, 2011).  This was the day my son was moving 1000 miles away, in a spontaneous decision to find himself at 18.  A few hours before I dropped him off at the airport, I drove him to Grandma's house to say goodbye.  They have a close relationship and I know this move was eating her up inside.

As Grandma's often do, she put a brave and supportive face on and really hammed it up for the sake of my son.  The smile would turn out to be genuine in August 2011, when my son decided to move back home and continue to find himself under my roof. 

The cardboard circle I used in this layout makes me chuckle.  Ready for this story?  

On this particular day, I was scheduled to work in my clients office.   My real life pal and fellow scrappy artist, KimmyC (from ) works there so I always enjoy going for a visit.  Ahhhhh lucky me!  This happened to be "breakfast day" when about 500 baked goods are set out in the office kitchen area for breakfast snacking.   

Lucky me indeed ( sad face).  I am watching my sugar and cheese danish intake so I can only adore and smell the goodies.  Besides, there weren't really 500 pastries - but when one is on a diet, it sure seems like it.  There may as well be.

My office desk is situated far toooooooooo close to the kitchen so all I can focus on is the steady stream of snackers, the sweet chatter "ohhhh cool, I LOVE cheese danish", or "great, this one has nuts on it".  Dang, I'm hungry!  Dieters also hate joyful, chatty snackers.  LOL 

I get up from my desk just for another "peek".  No harm - just looking.  Perhaps I'll grab some fresh hot coffee to ease these pangs of sadness.  But looky here?  OMG - the bakery sent all those goodies over on ROUND CARDBOARD pieces about 10 inches big.  hmmm.  Suddenly I'm thinkin scrappy stuff.  I am, after all, trying to put the "Crap" back in "Scrap".   Come on people - eat up.  Clear off those plates - have another piece.  Yeah, yeah, yeah take the one with nuts.  Just move it off the cardboard.   I'm clearly thinking all this, not really verbalizing it- just so you know.  LOL. 

Anyway, you know how this ends.  Yes, I scooped up the round cardboard platters and washed them off.  I looked like the tidy kitchen helper just cleaning up after hungry people. See how the real truth can be shaded with pretty tones of Glimmer Mist?  

I was actually stalking my scrap supplies and was trying to prevent them from carelessly being dumped in the garbage.  It does not bode well for the office consultant to be digging in the garbage.  See, by day, I moonlight as a real worker with a particular set of skills and no one knows me as the crazed scrapper I become in my home time.  Well, except for KimmyC, who I discussed briefly in the beginning of this loooong story. 

Back to KimmyC.  She knows me well.  She has often walked into our local Joanns craft store and seen me bent over the trim section with a silly look on my face - eyes rolled back in my head with a big "Cheshire Cat" smile.  She's my local scrapping "911" gal for real urgent problems.  

As I was washing off one of the danish trays, I handed someone the clean circle and asked if they could kindly deliver this to KimmyC's desk for me.  "She'll know what it's for".  With that, my day was complete.  I could kick back, listen for that squeal of joy from KimmyC, and get some work done in peace. 
Ahhhhh some great memories.  LOL

This is based n the March SOD design sketch by suepup, Charlotte Jenkins. shown below.

A little word of advice.  When using Crackle Accents glue, do not glob so much on that the mess stands about 1/2 thick.  That's what I did.  It ended poor;y for the butterfly.  She is now a cracked mess.  No crackling going on.  Instead it went straight to cracked. 

Enough already - time to move on.  sheesh I could write and babble on all day. 

Looking For Signs Of Spring
In the beginning of March, I got up early and saw snow had covered the ground.  We have not had a lot of snow this year and I missed it's prettiness.  So I captured what I could - yet oddly anticipating the wonderful warmth and growth that Spring brings.

In this layout, I combined the goodness of both seasons.

Missing You
This was created using the March 15th challenge sketch from Once Upon A Sketch.  This is my first time playing along and I had a wonderful time with this sketch, created by a the talented, beautiful Nadia Cannizzo.  

The journaling part of this is about missing someone, something, some place.  My journaling is for my middle child I lost many years ago. 

I've missed you for 16 years now.  I wonder what type of young man you would have been?  What plans you would have made.  What talents you would have been granted.  I miss the joy you would have brought to our family.  You still bring me joy knowing that you are watching and guarding from a heavenly place and smiling now as we remember you.

I used some seamstress pattern tissue for my background.  I stamped it, ripped it, then used modpodge for the layers.  We all have wonderful perfect plans for our lives - much like a dress maker or seamstress has when she /he starts with a pattern.  Sometimes, often, our plans are altered and life takes a different turn.  That's why I ripped the tissue paper and pieced it together again.  

The photo is one I took a few years back.  

I used Dusty Attic Decorative Frame #1 DA0207 for this piece. I simply painted it with Adirondack paint Sandal and inked with Tim Holtz distress ink in Sage.   I did not do much to this piece in terms of treatments because I wanted it to be present but subtle. Just to accent my photo like a floral wreath one would lay at the foot of a grave.

Oh my goodness I had so much fun with this page.  Far too much fun than a scrapper should have.  Melinda, our dear leader at Scraps Of Darkness really crafted this kit to perfection , as always, however sometimes we all have fun with one particular page, ya know?  She added such cool, original embellishments to the kit.  

I took the photos of the bottles at my husband's favorite pub in Naples.  he loves this great cozy little pub called, The Old Naples Pub.   These bottles were in the window and looked pretty with the sun back lighting them.  Never in a million years did I think I'd be scrapping this photo.

I used a few Dusty Attic pieces here.  The Potion Bottles mini DA0592 are sitting on top of the  Dusty Attic Wrought Iron Trim Set DA0547.

Here is a better view of the Dusty Attic Potion Bottle I finished.  It is the smallest bottle on the left of the bottle cluster.  It is sitting on the Dusty Attic Wrought Iron Trim Set DA0547.  I painted this black and rubbed some gold leaf wax over the top.  

Please consider joining us at Scraps Of Darkness and seeing what you can create. I bet you can have a tone of fun.

Please check out the rest of the design team here.
Thanks for looking.

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