Sunday, January 22, 2012

CSI - Color, Stories, Inspiration Case File #2 - Stream of Thoughts and

These were created for the new CSI- Color, Stories, Inspiration website.  The color palette is shown above.   In additional to using all five colors, you ned to pick two items from the evidence list and one from the testimony. 

I am having fun with CSI so I decided to do two with the same color palette - one a little industrial and one more girly feminine.  

Stream of Thoughts:

I took this photo in 2010 in downtown Rochester on my lunch hour. It's the Genesee River and it flows through the heart of the city.  

One of the items on the testimony list is a "stream of consciousness", I'm not really sure how to apply a stream of consciousness to my layout,  so I decided to call my photo the "Stream of Thoughts".   It's my creative twist since I was a bit confused.  

The cogs represent my mind and the Dusty Attic Chicken Wire DA0457  is tripping my mind up.  

My bricks are made using the Prima brick mask and some ceramic stucco that has brown acrylic paint added. 

Winter Sledding
This is the second layout for CSI - Color, Stories, Inspiration case file #2.  My icy creation should be called CSI -Cold case -LOL

I had my nieces over night recently.  When they got up, Aunt Jennifer had some dress up costumes all ready for some photography -a surprise for their mom before she came to pick them up.  I also have this really cool antique sled that I bought from the neighbor's yard sale. She said it was hers from childhood and reckoned it was 80 such years old. 

My colors from the palette are subtle but they are there.  

This is more of a close up of the detail and the really wonderful Dusty Attic Wrought Iron Fence DA0176. 

The background is a Sizzix snowflake embossing plate and the lace is a gift sent from Karen Zueger, LostCoastScrapper

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Such a beautiful interpretation of the challenge!!! The details are innovative --and I am still loving the winter flowers-- the picture of the girls is absolutely precious!!!