Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrap-cation - A Scrappers Vacation

Scrap-cation - A Scrappers Vacation at Maggi's house. 

I took a scrappers vacation at the end of Sept 2011 to Maggi's house to meet up with some ladies and watch some first class talent being created in front of my eyes.  There is NOTHIN better than seeing these  art pieces in real life.

I am not gonna reveal who is featured in the photo for privacy reasons, unless the ladies want me to blab.    I am in the coral tee in the top row.

We begged Maggi to see her scrap artwork.  She pulled it out for us and she was left with a mess of drool to clean up.  Honestly, I think we all realize that internet photos and even close ups just don't do any of the  scrap art justice.  I watched Maggi and the other artists create work that just gets lost on the internet.

This photo was snagged from Maggi - thanks Maggi! See her blog for details. 

Now I want to take a few moments to just brag about Maggi and her husband and dogs.  Her Southern Hospitality knows no limits.  They are the kindest,  sweetest people with the most loving dogs I have ever met. 

Maggi is a world class cook and dazzled us with some international cuisine two evenings, and a real Southern meal.  Gotta admit - before I left  my comfy house and simple boring  eating habits, I was a bit frightened at Maggi's suggestion of her cooking a southern style meal for us. My initial thought -egads!  I am NOT a foodie - meaning I do not delight in experimenting with eating.  I have a limited range of foods I eat and am as fussy an eater as I am a scrapper.   

Maggi blew me away at every meal with exquisite cuisine.  I am proud to say that I have now expanded my recipe file by a few more exactly doubling my recipe file size!  Shows you how much I cook. 

A bit about her delightful husband.  He is about as nice a person as you are ever going to find.  A real gentleman, amazing adoring husband and perfect host.   I can say he is an adoring husband because  the two of us chatted a great deal.  He had the sweetest words to say about his wife and he would get a look of contentment and happiness in his eyes that only a man in love can get.  

Thanks again  to Maggi and husband for hosting an amazing trip of fun, scrapping and great times.  CHEERS

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  1. What no food pictures. You all keep talking about Maggi's great cooking, but we can't be jealous without pictures. LOL!! So glad you had a great time, just hate I missed it.