Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hope and My Hearts A Glow Flowers Tutorial

Hope and My Hearts A Glow Flowers Tutorial - created using the Scraps Of Darkness Oct Kit, All Hallows Eve

I always find butterflies an image of hope. not sure why, but they comfort me. This butterfly was a victim of my neighborly yard stalking one afternoon. By that I mean I saw this butterfly flutter by me headed for the neighbors yard. Well, of course so did I! Off to the neighbors. 

For all those folks who have seen my photos and listened to me blather on, you all know I hang out in the neighbors nicely manicured and landscaped yard all apparently all hours of the day and night.   There's so much more of interest going on over there and only boring lawn work going on at my place. 
Anyway, back to the pretty monarch butterfly.  It landed long enough for me to pop a few photos then had enough of my camera shenanigans. 

Are you wondering how I came to have my camera with me at this very opportune time? I usually have my camera around my neck in the yard. Unless I am doing yard work - then the camera is close. One never knows when I need to zip into the neighbors yard really quick and hightail it outta there even quicker! 

I made the flowers, that I am calling Hearts A Glow, which I popped on my very first video tutorial. 

ohhhh I also used a Dusty Attic corner piece. 

This was made using the following papers: 
Pink Paislee - Phantom Collection - House of Three Apparition
Fancy Pants Collection Oct31st - Night and Spooks

Thanks a bunch for looking.  I appreciate this a great deal. 


  1. What a great flower tutorial!!!! Definitely going into my save file for future reference....the page is absolutely gorgeous:)

  2. Amazing flower tutorial - as artistic as the flowers themselves. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  3. Awesome job on both the tutorial and the layout Miss Jennifer!!!!