Friday, September 2, 2011

Apples (Coffee Thieving) – Scraps of Darkness

Apples (Coffee Thieving) created for Scraps of Darkness
Back in May, I went on a scrappy retreat to a scrapping cabin located in Colorado and met a bunch of amazing scrap artists – many gals from here!

This photo was taken while Kathi2, fellow scrapper friend, and I were enjoying a morning cup of coffee in the kitchen. The sunlight was just dancing on these apples ever so perfectly.

OK well - let me clarify the story a bit.

Imagine if you will…….
A bunch of us were scrapping in the cabin. It's early and I was in need of coffee. So I ran to the kitchen for a refill. Well, wowzers! There was a whole fresh pot of coffee sitting there and no one in the kitchen. So I grabbed the coffee pot and delivered coffee to my new friends. Refills for all and smiles from everyone!

I brought the coffee pot back to the kitchen, now empty. That's when I saw just how beautiful the apples were lit by the sun and started clicking some photos.

At that moment, Kathi2, comes into the kitchen fresh from the shower and gives a big 'ol growl, typical of someone who needs coffee in a real bad way, but jrabs has just stolen it all.

Kathi2 had just made herself a pot of coffee and grabbed a shower while it was brewing, never even thinking that there's a thieving crook amongst us ( in the form of JRABS).

There I was snapping away at photos pretending I was innocent. LOL
LOVE ya Kathi2! The good sport that you are (after a cup of coffee though!) 

I used the Dusty Attic oval frame and made my flowers.

Created for Scraps of Darkness August Kit. This is a magnificent kit! Come and visit and see how much fun you can have with this kit.

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