Sunday, July 20, 2014

2Crafty - Patriotic Star Box

2Crafty - Patriotic Star Box
The month of July feels like a great time to be patriotic.  With the World Cup now behind us,  and so many people cheering on their country, I  would  place a bet almost everyone who uses a computer had some sort of exposure to the fanfare and excitement of the game.  Where ever you live, there are times when we all feel patriotic, are proud, and have a love for our country.  

I used that patriotic pride as my inspiration for my star box. After covering the box in appropriate themed paper, I pulled out an interesting choice of 2Crafty Chipboard as my focal piece - the 'Corner Christmas Star Spray'.   Don't save this beauty for just the Christmas season!   It's way too beautiful for that.  

I thought it was perfect as a representation of the stars in the United States flag.  I stayed simple and painted a base coat of white, then added embossing enamel to it.  No need to get all fancy.   Let the wonderful chipboard piece make the statement. 

Next I grabbed the small 'ATC Word chipboard set' and chose "Treasure".  I treated it with the same covering of paint and then embossing enamel.  Treasure is used as a double meaning here - treasuring my country as well as what is placed in the box. 

Next, in the image below, I decided to use the 'Flower Medallion 'as the base of my cluster.   The 'Flower Medallion' is also treated with paint and embossing enamel for uniformity.  

Here are the images of the pieces I used.  You can see how detailed and wonderful the pieces are.  Once again, here are the names of the pieces I am using which can all be found on the website here: 2Crafty Products

 ' Corner Christmas Star Spray', 'ATC Word chipboard set' and the 'Flower Medallion'

The finishing touches on my box include some gold trim glued around the box, some inking on the box for accent, and the small American Flag stuck into my cluster as a bow.  I grabbed a flag from a recent parade I attended.  I try not to keep all little goodies I pick up, but those mini flags are always saved. 

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2Crafty Chipboard - ATC words 1
2Crafty - Corner Christmas Star Spray
2Crafty - Flower Medallions
Authentique Anchored Collection - Cruise ANC002 (checked strips on the side of box)
Authentique Anchored Collection  - Secure ANC003 -(red layer)
Authentique Anchored Collection  -Still ANC018 ( blue layer)
Prima Wire Thread - Stark White - 572068
Prima Wire Thread Red
Prima Lace
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