Thursday, December 12, 2013

FabScraps Angelic Christmas - Card

Christmas Cards Made Easy - with FabScraps

Christmas cards are so easy to make when using the gorgeous Angelic Christmas collection from FabScraps.  I am trying so hard to focus on cards to finish up my Christmas card list.  This collection helped make my task easier.

The graphics on the paper are delicate and laced with Angels and the nativity scene.  My paper choices were wonderful for a sliver Christmas theme.

I punched some layers and topped with Prima flowers and craft store floral berries.  My Christmas ornaments were super easy to create.  I used the FabScraps Bauble chipboard pieces which are perfect - not too large.  Then I topped with the project precuts that completely match the chipboard shapes creating your custom decorated chipboard.

FabScraps Angelic Christmas -chipboard Baubles DC61009

FabScraps  – Angelic Christmas  -Project  precuts MC61001A

In this photo you can see how easy the chipboard and precuts worked as the perfect pair to complete a project.   I did paint my chipboard with gesso first to give it frosty edges.

I have added some step by step instructions to help you complete your card list as well. 

Thanks for looking.

FabScraps Angelic Christmas -Angelic 1 C61007
FabScraps Angelic Christmas -Blessed Times1 C61005
FabScraps Angelic Christmas -chipboard Baubles DC61009
FabScraps Angelic Christmas -Angelic Christmas -Journal MC61001
Dream Weaver Embossing Paste - white
Prima Stencil 960568
Prima  Frost Frappe VII 565787
silver floral berries
white gesso
Martha Stewart Edge Punch - Doily Lace

white cardstock

1.     Card Preparation:
2.     Start with FabScraps  Angelic Christmas Collection – Angelic Christmas 1 paper C61075.  Cut 7.5in x10in. Fold the card at the 4in mark.  This will leave 6 inches on one side. 
3.     Punch the edge of the side that is 6 inches long - using a decorative edge punch.  When folded closed, you should have a nice punched edge. 
4.     Punch a piece of white cardstock using the same decorative punch.  Cut to about ½ wide and glue next to the punched edge of the card – as a white accent edge . 
5.     Cut a  4in x4in square from FabScraps Angelic Christmas Blessed Times 1 paper to create a border.  Punch the top and bottom edges and glue to the bottom third of the card.   
6.     Cut a 4 in piece of wide lace and glue over the Blessed Times1 border piece from step 5.
7.     Cut a 4in strip of white cardstock and punch both sides.  Glue over the top of the lace – making sure the lace peeks out from both sides of the white border.
8.     Top the white border with a piece of silver ribbon.
9.     Place a decorative stencil above the layered border and  apply molding paste, gesso or embossing paste to the stencil.. 
10.   Bauble Chipboard Preparation:
11.   FabScraps Angelic Christmas – Bauble chipboard DC61 009 – paint the edges with with gesso or white acrylic paint.   This just makes the chipboard nice and frosty looking.
12.   Select the graphic print to cover the bauble from  FabScraps journal MC61001.  Cut and glue on to the chipboard.
13.   Glue the chipboard Bauble to the card in varying positions.  Glue yarn to on lowest bauble to make it appear as if it is hanging.
14.   Finishing Touches:
15.   Add flowers and floral berry picks to the sides as desired.
16.   Make a ribbon bow and tuck into floral cluster.
17.   Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh this is beautiful! It caught my eye instantly on blogger, as I'm racing through while I eat my dinner. (No time for leisurely browsing these days!!) I didn't even realize Fabscraps made pre-cuts. Love them, but especially love what you created with them! :)

  2. This is so crystalline snow! I just love the imagery and that bow is like silver perfection! So beautiful!!!