Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Flying Unicorns Go to Vegas

Many of the Flying Unicorn Design Team members were fortunate enough to attend CHA this summer in Las Vegas.   CHA is  short for  Craft and Hobby Association and they sponsor trade shows two times a year to roll out new product. 

Thanks to the kind invitation by Alda Stevens to bring us along with her...she took a giant risk with this motley bunch.   I am also certain that some of us ( most of us) will not have this invitation extended any time soon.  hahahaha

The trip was a nice relief for me as I was terribly busy preparing pieces to send to Prima and FabScraps to use as samples for each booth.  I could take the time to relax and celebrate the newest product releases.  However Vegas is no place to relax. 

Here are a few of my photos from Vegas. At least the ones I can show.  I did bring my tripod and had it out on the Vegas strip a few times - dork that I am.  But I can tell you I was NOT the only dork out with a tripod.  The cell phone photos take great shots these days, but I still love my tripod for night shots. 

Some statues on top of Caesars  

Our hotel Bellagio by day

                                                             Our hotel Bellagio by night

The Paris Hotel across the street from the Bellagio

                                          Make and Take time at the Graphics45  booth (Maggi, Shona, Alda)

Maggi, Jackie and Kelly

Shona doing some posing

Shona doing some shopping
Dinner at the top of the Stratosphere - starting left to right around the table - Shona in grey, Jackie, Jennifer, Alda, Maggi

a little refreshment at the Stratosphere

L-R...Shona, Jackie , Jennifer

The lovely and elegant Maggi Harding at dinner in the Stratosphere

Sunset view of the Vegas strip from the top of the Stratosphere Tower

                                     Night view of the Vegas strip from the top of the Stratosphere Tower

Night view down the Vegas Strip


  1. You made great pictures, so fun to see you all "real life".

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. We are starting a local blogger group if you'd like to join!

    Amanda Rose

  3. great photos, you are so lucky to meet each one in real life

  4. Wow! sooo lucky to go to CHA AND Vegas:):):) Wonderful photos, especially the night time one:):)

  5. Great photos Jenn. It was good to see you again.