Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moments -Prima October PPP

This is my entry for October  Prima PPP Challenge. As an update, this was featured at Prima.
Here is the palette.

I used elements from retired Scraps Of Elegance and Scraps of Darkness kits to create this.  I dug in my kits and found some great supplies.

I took this photo recently of my niece at the pumpkin patch, but did not want this to be a Halloween type creation.  I am going to tell you straight up that the only cooperation I got in this whole piece was my niece in the photo.  And usually she's not overly thrilled with Aunt Jennifer taking photos. I'm usually chasing her down beggin for mercy. 

I must start by asking if you have ever wanted to put your head down on your art table and give up on a piece?   Oh sure - I bet everyone paper crafter and artist has.  I console myself by thinking this - it may not be true.

The following is my little testimony to tell you that the path is not always easy.  The journey may be difficult, frustrating and seem hopeless, yet with a little perseverance and a lot of thought, the outcome can be satisfying - different than you expected, yet still satisfying.  ( yeah I  got all this philosophy out of paper crafting. too funny!)

So what happened?
As soon as I started this piece I realized the path was all wrong.  I pulled out Prima's Donna Downy Poppies  and Peonies  6x6 mask.  I grabbed the Dylusions Crushed Grape.  At that point I looked at  my layout and new I was headed in a wrong direction.  What a tragic mistake.  It was just not the color I was looking for - love the Dylusions, but wrong color for this piece.

So I placed the mask down again on top of the Dylusions hoping to line up perfectly and added more color, more paint, more globs, more molding paste, more layers, more, more ,more.   ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Enough already.

I finally ended with flowers I could live with.  But it took a lot of struggling to get there.  It was not easy, not effortless, not flowing and really, not a lot of fun.

Once the mask layer was done, you'd think I was on easy street.  Ready to roll and finish with a few embellishments. Normally that's how it goes.  Not to be this time.

The gorgeous rich Prima Bel Canto purple flowers were my next meltdown.  They are stunning flowers in person but needed to be altered a little.  So the smack down started with them as well.  I wanted them to blend in with my new vision of the page - which was totally altered from my original vision.   Out came the Adirondack paints, Purple twilight, Sunshine Yellow, Lemonade, Snow Cap, Eggplant.  Oh my gosh, please end this madness.   So you can see where they ended up.
Next, my Dusty Attic Chicken wire DA0179, usually a well behaved happy chippy, tossed it's hat in the ring of madness.  It wanted to be neked, I wanted it white.  We argued and cussed and finally we settled on yellow.

Moments INDEED!

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Thanks a lot for looking.


  1. Oh Jen I so sympathize with your "smackdown". Why is it called that anyway??? I have spent close to one whole week on a lo I just finished today. I just couldn't get anything to cooperate. I can't even imagine after seeing this wonderful lo that you had to struggle so hard, you make it look effortless. I'm so glad you shared your trauma (lol)!! Biggest hugs!!

  2. WOW Jen...You may have struggled with this page but girl it was SO worth it!! It turned out more than GORGEOUS!!!!
    So much going on but you managed to keep it perfectly balanced!
    I can start a page with a picture in my head and it becomes what I had in mind but sometimes it just won't work at all and it will take days to finish a layout! Just started a page for hubby and oh boy, I'm having a hard time with guy pages..sigh.
    So miss my lace, flowers, pearls,etc! It is nearly finished and I'm almost there but I still miss a 'little extra touch' ( you probably know the feeling!). Last week I made some male cards as well and somehow I find them less difficult to make than layouts.
    So Jen...keep 'struggling' (is this a good word?) for the best results, but don't forget to have fun as well!!LOL!!!
    Enjoy your day!
    Ingrid xxx

  3. Wow, what an absolutely stunning creation!! This is just amazing, my goodness!! Gorgeous work!!

  4. Jen, you told you coudn't blend the colors, you've made it perfectly well there

  5. I think this is GORGEOUS... you struggled ... but I'm thinking this vision had to work it's way out on it's own! I have been exactly in this place more than once....and sometimes you just have to ride the tide and pray that maybe genius is at the this is!!! just love the painted effect of the bg posies!! absolutely exquisite, whether you meant it or not! LOL!

  6. You just crack me up girl!! I love everything you did...all the altercations turned out to be perfect in my eyes. I am sorry that chicken wire caused some cussing lmao! You are a brilliant artist and create things no one else can. Gorgeous page.

  7. Beautiful page, you would have never know that anything was going wrong with this one and such a gorgeous picture as well.

  8. Hi Jennifer...I'm your new follower :) That is an awesome artsy and I love it. I wouldn't know any difficulties if you haven't described them but I think it's really an amazing design. Love your talent!
    Hugs from Malaysia,

  9. Oh sweetie! You remind me of myself....I sometimes have an idea in my head and when I start putting down on paper it starts transforming into something else...but really! this page is BREATHTAKING!!! It turned out beautifully! xo