Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peony Bud - Scraps Of Darkness and CSI -Colors, Stories, Inspiration case file #20

Peony's Slow Bloom - This was created for the CSI-Colors, Stories, Inspiration case file #20 using the amazing Scraps Of Darkness May Kit, Summer Breeze. 

The kit is beyond amazing.  Check us out and give it a whirl.  

Escape Kitty and I are Special Investigators for the month of May at CSI-Color, Stories, Inspiration.  Kitty, in true Kitty fashion, has been stealing the design thunder by posting her  work before I get chance.   This week, I scrapped faster than her and got mine done first.  ha!  Kitty - your plot for scrapping and feline world domination has been foiled just this once.   

The evidence I incorporated: 
  1. I created a spiral with my string, then I painted it with gesso.
  2. Lots of white space
  3. I used a least I think a butterfly is a bug. - a pretty bug. 
  4. Paint drops - yellow found in the corners
My Testimony:

Inspirational word Slow:  Peonies signify the start to summer in my yard.    I have a few peony bushes that fortunately grow without my assistance and care, otherwise I would fail them with my neglectful lack of gardening skills.   They are a beautiful and fragrant flower.   I anxiously await their bloom which seems sooooooooo slow.  It seems as if days and days pass while this delicate flower stays in bud form.  It is really a very slow wait for the start of my summer. 

The kit came with a cool Crafters Workshop 6x6 template which I used some molding paste.  You can barely see it here.  White on white is so difficult to photograph effectively.

The netting under the photo was given to me by my friends Peggy and Kathi.   We had a scrappy girls weekend and all met in Ohio.  When we get together a few times a year around the country, we descend upon local crafting stores like a wild ravenous bunch of locust devouring whatever coolness may catch our fancy.   Fun times!  Those angels had the foresight to grab a roll of this metal mesh and split the cost.    When I saw it, I believe I may have wept.    So gorgeous, so crafty, so unique and SOOOOOO NOT MINE.  The gals decided that  the best way to console me and shut me up was to cut off a piece and share.   Happiness and quiet was restored in our scrappy room once again.  They both are such angels to share with little 'ol Jen.  

It's a funny thing and I am so amazed every time I think about  getting together with these scrappy gals. We met on-line.  They are among what I call "the greats" and I am actually in they're presence scrapping.  I adore watching them create and  watching the magic appear on paper while I am gazing over shoulders like a fanclub member in giddy disbelief.   Then they hand me supplies ( granted I am balling like a desperate fool)?  Ohhhhhh wow - I never want to use it - I only want to hoard it. 

Thanks ladies  - you are my sistahs.

I used the wonderful Dusty Attic Leafy Stem #3 Small - DA0581,   I painted the whole thing with Adirondack Paint in Willow.  Then dabbed with gesso here and there to tone it down.  I did not want to focus on my leafy stems but more so on the photo of my start of Summer.  

The Scraps Of Darkness Kit came with a scrumptious piece of white corrugated board from Jillybean.   Oh how I love my corrugated papers. 

The Peony sticker was a $1.00 find at Michael's Crafts that I bought on a whim on a shopping trip with my gal, Kimmyc70.    We are bad influences on each other. 

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day. 

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