Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Star Witness at CSI - Colors, Stories and Inspiration case file #13

Thanks a bunch to the great folks at CSI- Colors, Stories and Inspiration for selecting Kitty's layout for case file #13 as the Star Witness for the week.  Honored?  Oh you bet!

This coveted award is for robust story tellin.  Few can weave a story like Kitty.  

I interviewed Kitty this morning to tell her the news and get her reaction.  Here's how that all "went down"
( well of COURSE there's a STORY behind this award). 

The Inside Scoop:
Escape Kitty got me up at 2:45 this morning by her tireless running about the house and jumping on top of me to shake me awake.  She's got this cruel, relentless way of waking me when she is hungry and wants me out of bed.

Most Kitties pitter patter about the house.  Am I right?  Except when Kitty wants me out of bed pronto.  She magically pops these horse hooves on and stampedes like a herd in my room. Little Kitty can make the sound of 20 horses clopping down the hallway.  How is this even possible?

Alas I get out of bed, escort the Princess to her food bowl, look down and realize it's FULL.  I did not need to get up at all.  Kitty!  Let me go back to bed.   No - she simply wants to chat and get on with the day.  I am her favorite chatty buddy in the wee hours because I also have that "morning chatty personality". Apparently WE define morning VERY differently - mine starts after 5am, and to most, that probably even sounds generous.

So I am up and googling and typing and writing and drinking.  Lot's of strong coffee because it's now ONLY 3am. Wanna take a guess at what Kitty is doing?  Napping.  Back to bed.  She sneaks back to bed, sliding right up cozy next to her daddyman.

Hahahahahahaha, wanna know what I do?  I pluck her tiny warm furry Kitty buttend outta bed and pop the wonderful news that "we" won the CSI award for story tellin.   It is great news and I am all coffeed up. While my spell check may not be able to find the word "coffeed" I assure you at 3am. it is certainly an essential word.  it will be ever important at 3pm today as well.  LOL

This is the layout that won.  You can find the story here.  I'll let her tell the story about Bunny as she does it so much more eloquently than I would. 

Thanks also to Teri Pannesi for sending me the photo of Bunny Kitty and playing along with us.  You are a super great sport with a handsome hunk of a cat. 

So super thanks again to CSI, Teri P, Bunny and YOU for checking me out. 
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Copyright 2012 Escape Kitty by Jennifer Snyder


  1. Congrats on being a "STAR WITNESS" Jennifer. I totally love this layout & a well deserved win , & hey I agree with you, what a handsome pus he is. Cheers Di xo

  2. What a most deserving award!!!! So, so Happy for the both of you!!!

  3. Few can tell a story like you Jen! Congratulations, that award was just made for you! I adore all your scrapping bits on the layout too.