Monday, December 26, 2011

Lexie and The Color Room Palette #90

Lexie - TCR#90 - Scraps Of Darkness 
This is This is Lexie.  And boy do I have a story for you!

In the beginning of December, a friend called and asked if I would accompany his family to a tree farm to cut their Christmas tree.  They wanted me to photograph the event for them.  How fun!

The tree farm was an hour from my house so I decided to make the most of the day and do a little covert photography.  

The tree farm happened to be a mile from my Aunt and Uncle's house so I was hoping my Aunt was gone so I could sneak over there and photograph their 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier puppy as a surprise for my Aunt -she adores her new baby.  

I had my fingers and toes crossed for good luck as I called their house hoping my Aunt would be out of the home. Boy do I know my Aunt - yep she was away for the weekend  and my Uncle said "come right on over". 

I swore both dog and Uncle to secrecy as I snapped my photos and made my exit.  I knew my Uncle was good, he being an ex-military man.  The dog?  Not so sure if the fluff face could keep a secret.

Later that night, I realized I had lost a precious  earring sometime during the day.  Drats and doubledrats!  I hate spending money on a tiny gold earring with the price of gold as it is when I would rather spend the money on scrappy stuff.   Forget it!  I'll be a pirate and wear only one earring. 
(I am super lazy and NEVER change earrings which is the reason losing the earring  was irritating for me).

On Sunday, the next day, my Aunt called and asked if I had lost an earring in her carpet.  WHAT??????  uhhhhhhhhhh - panic!  Quick think think think what to say.  Who spilled?  The dog or the husband.  "yes, I did".  ugh I don't even make a sly Christmas elf.  My Uncle had to spill it lest my Aunt think he was cheating on her.

But I found out on Christmas day that my Uncle never told her I took pictures -he only told her that I had dropped by because I was in the area at the tree farm.   He did say he panicked when she found the earring on her living room carpet and knew it was not hers.  Plus she was away for the weekend so either my Uncle had another woman over for some hanky panky or it was mine.  

Sheeeh - there's always a story, isn't there?  

Anyway, Lexie posed for me like the Diva she is.  Thanks Uncle Jerry!  Nice job.

This was created using the Dec Scraps Of Darkness kit, Winter's Eve and for the Color Room, #90. The kit is packed with such amazing papers and fun embellies. It's very diverse and can fit into any scrapping style preference. Come check out the fun. 

I also used some Dusty Attic at the top corner, painted and stickled.

Thanks for looking
Lots and lots of fussy cutting on this layout with the Bo Bunny Enchanted paper.

I used the Prima Mask 6x6 Mix 7 for this and simply sprayed with Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst in magnolia Magenta Gold.  The colors are magnificent and very bold - the photo above appears to have an orangey look but it's really gold.  Downside to an on-line photo I guess - or perhaps my bad photography but highly unlikely.   (smiles)

Here is the Dusty Attic piece that I painted with Adirondack paint.  I usually paint a white coat so that my next color will bite a bit more.  Then I painted black and a touch of silver.  

Here is the palette I used.  Very cool fun colors.  If you have not checked this site out, please try it.  It's a design "free for all", as long as you stick to ONLY the palette colors for the week.  Palettes come out every Friday so be quick about it!  No time to waste -get scrapping. 

Thanks for looking.  here are a few more photos of Lexie, Queen of hearts. 

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  1. Hihi, what a story! :) and OMG - Lexie's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!! :)