Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Your Passion Your Art - Going Off the Page

Flying Unicorn goes off the Page

April Showers bring May flowers and our Your Passion Your Art celebrates the beginning of Spring and the sweet smells of the earth after that rainy spring day. Without further adieu we offer you our April Your Passion. Your Art kit of the Month

OK so this is the watering can that comes in the April Your Passion Your Art kit.  All silvery and shiny and such.  I rubbed the whole thing with Patina Rub N Buff and left it to dry - skipping the "buff" step.  This seems to have given the watering can some bite to hold my other embellishments. 

Next I used some floral mesh as a band around the middle.  I like dabs of burlap on this but didn't want the bulk and chunky look wrapping burlap around the whole can.  

While i made sure I secured the floral mesh with a lot of strong adhesive, I also tied some hemp cording around it  - adding to the look, but also beeping the mesh in place. 

 Pick up your kit quickly .   April Your Passion. Your Art kit of the Month

April Your Passion. Your Art kit of the Month
Rub N Buff Patina
Prima Flowers 574963
Prima Flowers 564476
Prima Art Ingredients Glass Beads Butter 961701
Prima Glass Glitter Violet 962739
Flying Unicorns Metal Adornments - Butterfly
Floral Berries

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  1. Absolutely stunning, Love the colours. I love your blog as well very inspirational for someone just starting out in blogging. (http://mypumpkindays.blogspot.com.au/)